England’s Dreaming: Sex Pistols & Punk Rock

Jon Savage. Faber & Faber, 1991. “England’s Dreaming is the ultimate book on Punk. Full of new research, exclusive interviews & rare photographs, it tells the sensational story of the Sex Pistols and the turbulent period in England’s history which they dramatized”.


“If Punk was a summation of all postwar pop music up to 1976/77, then this discography must be – Sex Pistols apart – necessarily selective and thematic”.

LPs and albums are in italics, singles are listed A-side first, B-side second, if given. Where more than one title or issue of a bootleg is given, I’ve tended only to list the original release, but I have tried to give as much info about content as possible, in order for it to be identified. In most cases the issue available now, 2004, will have a different title to any listed. In some cases, ie Welcome to the Rodeo (Winterland ’78) in the Sex Pistols lists, this is now available officially.


o Bennett, Boyd – Seventeen
o Berry, Chuck
o Bygraves, Max – Fings Ain’t Wot They Used to Be
o Cochran, Eddie – C’mon Everybody
o Cochran, Eddie – C’mon Everybody (1987 compilation)
o Cochran, Eddie – Something Else
o Diamonds – Little Darlin’
o Fury, Billy – Sound of Fury
o Lewis, Jerry Lee
o Oliver – Original Film Musical Soundtrack
o Presley, Elvis – Sun Sessions
o Randy & the Rainbows – Denis
o Sutch, Screaming Lord – Jack the Ripper
o Taylor, Vince – Brand New Cadillac
o Tornados
o Various Artists – American Graffiti
o Various Artists – Born Bad Vols 1-5
o Various Artists – Joe Meek Story
o Various Artists – Put Your Cat Clothes On (Sun)
o Various Artists – Red Hot Rock a Billy 1955-62
o Various Artists – Sound of Sun
o Vincent, Gene
o Wray, Link – Original Rumble
o Wray, Link – Rumble


o Addicts – She’s My Girl
o Birds – Leaving Here
o Bowie, David – Pin Ups
o Captain Beefheart – Safe as Milk
o Count Five – Psychotic Reaction
o Creation – (early material)
o Electric Prunes
o Kinks – All Day & All of the Night
o Kinks – Are Well Respected Men (singles comp)
o Kinks – I’m Not Like Everybody Else
o Love – Seven & Seven Is
o Rolling Stones – Fortune Teller
o Rolling Stones – Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadows
o Rolling Stones – More Hot Rocks
o Seeds
o Small Faces – Singles As & Bs… Plus
o Standells
o Various Artists – Acid Dreams (1988 comp)
o Various Artists – Beat Merchants (1974 compilation)
o Various Artists – Hard Up Heroes
o Various Artists – Highs of the Sixties (1986 comp)
o Various Artists – Merseybeat (1973 compilation)
o Various Artists – Nuggets (orig 1972 compilation)
o Various Artists – Pebbles Vols 1-10
o Various Artists – Sixties Explosion Vol 1 (1961-67) (1988 comp)
o Who – Who’s Better, Who’s Best (singles comp)
o Yardbirds – Greatest Hits


o Alice Cooper – Elected
o Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen
o Alice Cooper – Love it to Death
o Alice Cooper – School’s Out
o Bowie, David – Aladdin Sane
o Bowie, David – ChangesBowie
o Bowie, David – Diamond Dogs
o Bowie, David – Hunky Dory
o Bowie, David – Queen Bitch
o Bowie, David – Sound & Vision Vols I & II (comps)
o Bowie, David – Waiting for My Man (live)
o Bowie, David – White Light White Heat (live)
o Bowie, David – Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders From Mars
o Cockney Rebel – Death Trip
o Doors – Doors (1st Album)
o Doors – Strange Days
o Doors – Waiting for the Sun
o Flamin’ Groovies - Grease
o Flamin’ Groovies – Greatest Grooves
o Flamin’ Groovies – Shake Some Action
o Flamin’ Groovies – Slow Death
o Flamin’ Groovies – Teenage Head
o Flamin’ Groovies – You Tore Me Down
o Harper, Roy – Lifemask
o Harper, Roy – Stormcock
o Hawkwind – In Search of Space
o Hawkwind – Silver Machine
o Hawkwind – Stasis: the UA Years 1971-1975
o Hawkwind – Urban Guerilla
o Head, Murray – Say It Ain’t So
o MC5 – Back in the USA
o MC5 – High Times
o MC5 – Kick Out the Jams
o Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes
o Mott the Hoople – Greatest Hits
o Mud – Dynamite
o New York Dolls – New York Dolls (1973)
o New York Dolls – New York Dolls (Kamera 1982 comp)
o New York Dolls – Red Patent Leather (Hippodrome live 1975)
o New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon
o Reed, Lou – Transformer
o Roxy Music – Country Life
o Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure
o Roxy Music – Mother of Pearl
o Roxy Music – Roxy Music (1st Album)
o Roxy Music – Stranded
o Stooges – see also Iggy Pop
o Stooges – Fun House
o Stooges – Kill City (Bomp compilation)
o Stooges – Raw Power
o Stooges – Stooges (1969)
o Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
o Thompson, Richard – Henry the Human Fly
o Various Artists – Glam Crazee (1990 comp)
o Various Artists – Great Glam Rock Explosion (1986 comp)
o Velvet Underground - & Nico
o Velvet Underground – Another View (compilation)
o Velvet Underground – Evil Mothers (Skydog – bootleg)
o Velvet Underground – Foggy Notion (White Label EP – bootleg)
o Velvet Underground – Live 1969
o Velvet Underground – Loaded
o Velvet Underground – Velvet Underground (3rd Album)
o Velvet Underground – VU
o Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat


Taking this as meaning groups that were established during this time, material released after this time span also listed.

o Blondie – Blondie
o Blondie – Parallel Lines
o Blondie – Plastic Letters
o Electric Eels – Agitated/Cyclotron
o Electric Eels – Having a Philosophical Investigation with the…
o Mirrors – Shirley/She Smiled Wide
o Modern Lovers – Modern Lovers
o Neon Boys – That’s All I Know Right Now/Love Comes in Spurts
o Pere Ubu – 30 Seconds Over Tokyo/Heart of Darkness
o Pere Ubu – Dub Housing
o Pere Ubu – Final Solution/Cloud 149
o Pere Ubu – Modern Dance
o Pere Ubu – Street Waves/My Dark Ages
o Pere Ubu – Terminal Tower: an Archival Collection
o Ramones – Leave Home
o Ramones – Leave Home (1st issue inc Carbonara Not Glue)
o Ramones – Live at the Roxy (Dog & Cat live bootleg, ’76)
o Ramones – Ramones (1st Album)
o Ramones – Ramonesmania (1988 comp)
o Ramones – Rocket to Russia
o Richard Hell – RIP (ROIR cassette comp)
o Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Blank Generation
o Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Blank Generation (EP)
o Rocket From the Tombs – Life Stinks (1990 comp of live broadcasts)
o Smith, Patti – Gloria/My Generation
o Smith, Patti – Hey Joe/Piss Factory
o Smith, Patti – Horses
o Smith, Patti – Radio Ethiopia
o Smith, Patti – Teenage Perversity & Ships in the Night (live Roxy, LA 30/1/76 – bootleg)
o Sparks – Mael Intuition: the Best of 1974-76
o Talking Heads – ‘77
o Talking Heads – Fear of Music
o Talking Heads – Love Goes to Building on Fire
o Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings & Food
o Television – Double Exposure (bootleg: Eno produced demos)
o Television – Fire Engine
o Television – Little Johnny Jewel
o Television – Marquee Moon
o Various Artists – Blank Generation (Film directed by Amos Poe)
o Various Artists – Great New York Singles
o Various Artists – Live at CBGBs
o Various Artists – Max’s Kansas City
o Various Artists – New Wave (1977 comp)

1976: Sex Pistols

Sid Vicious ‘solo’ material identified with a (Sid).

o Anarchy in Sweden (July ’77 live comp bootleg)
o Anarchy in the UK/I Wanna Be Me (EMI 1976)
o C’mon Everybody/God Save the Queen Symph/Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Sid)
o Flogging a Dead Horse
o God Save the Queen/Did You No Wrong Virgin 1977)
o God Save the Queen/No Feelings (A&M 1977)
o Good Time Music of the Sex Pistols (live Manchester Free Trade Hall 4/6/76 bootleg)
o Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle
o Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle/Rock Around the Clock
o Gun Control: Live SF 14/1/78 (Bang live bootleg)
o Holidays in the Sun/Satellite
o I’m Not Your Stepping Stone/Pistols Propaganda (film trailers)
o Indecent Exposure (rec live by Dave Goodman 76 Club, Burton-on-Trent 24/8/76)
o Love Kills NYC (live at Max’s Kansas City, 8/78 bootleg) (Sid)
o Mini Album (7/76 Dave Goodman productions)
o Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
o No Future UK? (Reciever Records early productions comp)
o No One is Innocent/My Way (B-side Sid)
o Pirates of Destiny (bootleg: Dave Goodman productions)
o Pirates of Destiny (Goodman productions, 3 tks 10/76 + interviews, bootleg)
o Pretty Vacant/No Fun
o Sex Pistols (Nashville 3/4/76 live bootleg)
o Sid Sings (Sid)
o Silly Thing/Who Killed Bambi
o Something Else/Friggin’ in the Riggin’ (Sid)
o Spunk (similar to No Future UK?)
o We Don’t Care (EP) (Problems/No Feelings/Pretty Vacant) (C Spedding sessions 5/76)
o Welcome to the Rodeo: Live Dallas 10/1/78 (Winterland, Dallas live bootleg)

Covers & Related ‘Pistols Material: a selection of the better stuff. There is quite a long listing of this stuff, and I don’t think it would be of that much interest, especially as Jon Savage writes that it’s not that good. Most of it certainly is not punk.

o Anthrax – Friggin’ in the Riggin’ (1987)
o Joan Jett – Pretty Vacant (1990)
o Kingswoods – Purty Vacant (1983, Australia)
o Megadeth – Anarchy in the UK (1988)

Post ‘Pistols Material (Most of the PIL recs are dealt with later on). Some of the music below just has one or two former members playing on it, I’ve tried to give details in brackets. Much of the rest is Malcolm McLaren related.

o Avengers – The American In Me (EP) (inc Jones)
o Bow Wow Wow – C30 C60 C90 Go!
o Bow Wow Wow – See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah City All Over!...
o Bow Wow Wow – Your Cassette Pet
o Greedies – A Merry Jingle/A Merry Jangle (inc Jones & Cook)
o Johnny Thunders – London Boys (inc Jones & Cook)
o Johnny Thunders – You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory (inc Jones & Cook)
o Jones, Steve – Chequered Past
o Jones, Steve – Mercy
o McLaren, Malcolm – Buffalo Girl
o McLaren, Malcolm – Deep in Vogue (12” Mark Moore Remix)
o McLaren, Malcolm – Double Dutch
o McLaren, Malcolm – Duck Rock
o McLaren, Malcolm – Fans
o McLaren, Malcolm – Round the Outside! Round the Outside!
o McLaren, Malcolm – Waltz Darling
o McLaren, Malcolm – Would You Like More Scratchin’
o Professionals – 123 (inc Cook & Jones)
o Professionals – I Didn’t See It Coming (inc Cook & Jones)
o Rich Kids – Ghosts of Princes in Towers (inc Glen Matlock)
o Rich Kids – Rich Kids/Empty Words (inc Glen Matlock)
o Spectres – Stories/Things (inc Glen Matlock)
o Spectres – This Strange Effect (inc Glen Matlock)

1976-77: UK

This list also includes some UK ‘adoptees’, such as The Saints (Australia).Artists established during this period, includes material recorded later.

Street Rock

o 101’ers – Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Andalucia/Virgin comp, 1981)
o 101’ers – Keys to Your Heart/5 Star Rock ‘n’ Roll Petrol
o Count Bishops – Speedball EP
o Count Bishops – Train Train
o Dr Feelgood – Down by the Jetty
o Dr Feelgood – Stupidity
o Dury, Ian & the Blockheads – New Boots & Panties!!
o Dury, Ian & the Blockheads – Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
o Eddie & the Hot Rods – Do Anything You Wanna Do
o Eddie & the Hot Rods – Live at the Marquee EP
o Eddie & the Hot Rods – Teenage Depression
o Eddie & the Hot Rods – Writing on the Wall EP
o Kilburn & the High Roads – Handsome
o Kilburn & the High Roads – Upminster Kids/Roadette Song
o Lewis, Lew – Caravan Man
o Lowe, Nick – So it Goes/Heart of the City
o White, Trevor – Crazy Kids

Punk First Wave

o 999 – Emergency
o Adverts – Adverts (John Peel Sessions)
o Adverts – Crossing the Red Sea with the…
o Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes
o Adverts – No Time to be 21/New Day Dawning
o Adverts – One Chord Wonders/Quickstep
o Adverts – Safety in Numbers/We Who Wait
o Boys – Boys (1st Album)
o Boys – I Don’t Care
o Buzzcocks – A Different Kind of Tension
o Buzzcocks – Another Music in a Different Kitchen
o Buzzcocks – Are Everything/Why She’s a Girl from the Chainstore
o Buzzcocks – Buzzcocks (John Peel Sessions)
o Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen in Love
o Buzzcocks – Everybody’s Happy Nowadays/Why Can’t I Touch It?
o Buzzcocks – Harmony in My Head/Something’s Going Wrong Again
o Buzzcocks – Live at the Roxy Club April ‘77
o Buzzcocks – Love Bites
o Buzzcocks – Love You More/Noise Annoys
o Buzzcocks – Orgasm Addict/Whatever Happened to
o Buzzcocks – Product (comp of 1st 3 albums + bonuses)
o Buzzcocks – Promises/Lipstick
o Buzzcocks – Running Free/What Do You Know?
o Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady
o Buzzcocks – Spiral Scratch EP
o Buzzcocks – Strange Thing/Airwaves Dream
o Buzzcocks – Time’s Up (bootleg of early demos – now official)
o Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?/Oh Shit
o Chelsea – Right to Work/the Loner
o Clash – Bankrobber/Rockers Galore
o Clash – Capitol Radio EP (Listen/Capitol Radio/Tony Parsons interview)
o Clash – Clash (1st Album)
o Clash – Clash (blank yellow label bootleg 12/76 Guy Stevens demos)
o Clash – Clash City Rockers/Jail Guitar Doors
o Clash – Combat Rock
o Clash – Complete Control/City of the Dead
o Clash – Cost of Living EP
o Clash – Cut the Crap
o Clash – English Civil War (Johnny Comes Marching Home)
o Clash – Give ‘Em Enough Rope
o Clash – London Calling
o Clash – London Calling/Armagideon Time
o Clash – Magnificent Seven/Magnificent Dance
o Clash – Rock the Casbah
o Clash – Sandinista
o Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go/Straight to Hell
o Clash – This is England/Do it Now/Sex Mad Roar
o Clash – Tommy Gun/1-2 Crush on You
o Clash – (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais/the Prisoner
o Clash – White Riot/1977
o Cortinas – Defiant Pose
o Cortinas – Fascist Dictator
o County, Jayne/Wayne – Fuck Off
o County, Jayne/Wayne – Paranoia Paradise
o Damned – Best of (Ace, 1987)
o Damned – Damned (John Peel Sessions)
o Damned – Damned Damned Damned
o Damned – New Rose/Help
o Eater – Thinking of the USA
o Eater – You/Outside View
o Generation X – Dancing With Myself/Ugly Rash
o Generation X – Generation X
o Generation X – Wild Youth/Wild Dub
o Generation X – Your Generation/Day by Day
o Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks/Born to Lose
o Heartbreakers – L.A.M.F.
o Johnny Moped – Cycledelic
o Johnny Moped – Starting a Moped (cassette, 1977)
o Lurkers – Fulham Fallout
o Lurkers – Shadow
o Lurkers – The Greatest Hit
o Models – Freeze
o Penetration – Don’t Dictate/Money Talks
o Penetration – Firing Squad/NeveRr
o Penetration – Moving Targets
o Penetration – Race Against Time (one live side and other of 4/77 & 1/78 demos)
o Radiators from Space – Ghostown
o Radiators from Space – Television Screen
o Radiators from Space – TV Tube Heart
o Saints – (I’m Stranded)
o Saints – (I’m) Stranded/No Time
o Saints – Eternally Yours
o Saints – Prehistoric Sounds
o Saints – This Perfect Day/L.I.E.S.
o Slaughter & the Dogs – Cranked Up Really High
o Slaughter & the Dogs – Do It Dog Style
o Slaughter & the Dogs – Quick Joey Small/You’re a Bore
o Slaughter & the Dogs – Where Have all the Boot Boys Gone?
o Snatch – All I Want/When I’m Bored
o Snatch – IRT/Stanley
o Snatch (with Brian Eno) – RAF
o Various Artists – Roxy London WC2 (live)
o Vibrators – Pogo Dancing (with Chris Spedding, 1976)
o Vibrators – Pure Mania
o Vibrators – Whips & Furs
o X Ray Spex – Day the World Turned Dayglo
o X Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescence/Age
o X Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescents
o X Ray Spex – Highly Inflammable
o X Ray Spex - Identity
o X Ray Spex – Oh Bondage! Up Yours/I am a Cliché

New Wave

o Boomtown Rats – Looking After No 1
o Costello, Elvis – Armed Forces
o Costello, Elvis – My Aim is True
o Costello, Elvis – Ten Bloody Marys & Ten Hows Your Fathers (1984 comp)
o Costello, Elvis – This Year’s Model
o Jam – ‘A’ Bomb in Wardour Street
o Jam – All Mod Cons
o Jam – Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
o Jam – In the City/Takin’ My Love
o Jam – Snap (1983 comp)
o Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet
o Only Ones – Live (1989 Mau Mau Records)
o Only Ones – Lovers of Today
o Only Ones – Peel Sessions
o Police – Fall Out/Nothing Achieving
o Stranglers – Get a Grip on Yourself
o Stranglers – IV: Rattus Norvegicus
o Stranglers – No More Heroes
o Various Artists – New Wave (Phonogram/Vertigo 1977)

Reggae 1972-78

o Aggrovators – Dub Justice
o Aggrovators – Johnny in the Echo Chamber
o Althea & Donna – Up Town Top Ranking
o Aswad – Aswad (1976)
o Big Youth – Dreadlocks Dread
o Big Youth – Moving Version
o Big Youth – Screaming Target
o Bo Jangles – Prophecy Reveal
o Brown, Dennis - Visions
o Burning Spear – Garvey’s Ghost
o Congos – Heart of the…
o Culture – Two Sevens Clash
o Dillinger – CB200
o Dr Alimentado – Best Dressed Chicken in Town
o Dr Alimentado – Born for a Purpose
o Edwards, Rupie – Irie Feelings
o Edwards, Rupie – Irie Feelings
o Faith, George – To be a Lover (Have Some Mercy)
o Gibbs, Joe (producer) - African Dub Almighty Chapter 3
o Gladiators – Trenchtown Mix Up
o Hudson, Keith – Pick a Dub
o Hudson, Keith – Rasta Communication
o Hudson, Keith – Studio Kinda Cloudy
o Hudson, Keith – Torch of Freedom
o Jackson, Vivian – Pick the Beam Out of My Eyes
o Johnson, Linton Kwesi – Paths of Victory
o King Tubby – King Tubby’s Special 1973-76
o King Tubby - Meets the Upsetter at the Grass Roots of Dub
o Marley, Bob & the Wailers - Exodus
o Marley, Bob & the Wailers – Jamming/Punky Reggae Party
o Marley, Bob & the Wailers – No Woman No Cry
o Marley, Bob & the Wailers – Rastaman Vibration
o Marley, Bob & the Wailers/Lee Perry – Soul Revolution 1 & 2
o Millie – My Boy Lollipop
o Murvin, Junior – Memories (12”)
o Murvin, Junior – Police & Thieves
o Pablo, Augustus – East of the River Nile
o Pablo, Augustus – King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown
o Pablo, Augustus – Original Rockers
o Perry Lee – Open the Gate (1989 comp)
o Perry, Lee – Reggae Greats (comp, 1978)
o Perry, Lee – Return of Django
o Perry, Lee – Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread
o Perry, Lee – Super Ape
o Perry, Lee – Upsetter Collection
o Perry, Lee – Upsetter Compact Set
o Perry, Lee & Friends – Give Me Power
o Poet & the Roots (Linton Kwesi Johnson) – Dread Beat & Blood
o Prince Far I – Heavy Manners
o Prince Jazzbo – Free From Chains
o Revolutionaries – Bamba in Dub
o Revolutionaries – Dub Sensation
o Revolutionaries – Hordcore Dub
o Richards, Glen Roy – Wicked Can’t Run Away
o Rico – Wareika Dub
o Romeo, Max – War In a Babylon
o Roots – Mash Down
o Scotty – Draw Your Brakes
o Scotty – Unbelievable Sounds
o Skin Flesh & Bones – Everlasting Dub
o Tapper Zukie – Man Ah Warrior
o Tapper Zukie – MPLA
o Tapper Zukie – Rockers
o Toots & the Maytals – Funky Kingston
o Toots & the Maytals – In the Dark
o Tosh, Peter – Legalise It
o Twinkle Brothers – Love
o U Roy & Friends – With a Flick of My Musical Wrist
o U Roy – Dread in a Babylon
o U Roy – Version Galore
o Various Artists – 20 Reggae Classics (Trojan comp, 1987)
o Various Artists – Frontline Sampler
o Various Artists – Keep on Coming Through the Door
o Various Artists – Tighten Up (series of comps)
o Various Artists/Jimmy Cliff – Harder They Come (Soundtrack)
o Wailer, Bunny – Blackheart Man

Punk 1977-78

Artists established during this time frame, includes material released after. Also artists an influence on this time, some released before.

The Second Wave (& influences)

o Adam & the Ants – (singles on Decca & Do It labels, before McLaren)
o Adam & the Ants – Deutscher Girls & Plastic Surgery (inc on Jubilee soundtrack, ‘78)
o Adam & the Ants – Peel Sessions (1/78 & 7/78 & 3/79)
o Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock
o Alternative TV – Action Time Vision
o Alternative TV – How Much Longer/You Bastard
o Alternative TV – Live at the Rat Club 77 (Crystal 1979, rec by Genesis P Orridge)
o Alternative TV – Love Lies Limp
o Bowie, David – Heroes
o Bowie, David – Low
o Bowie, David – Station to Station
o Clarke, John Cooper – Disguise in Love
o Clarke, John Cooper – Short Circuit
o Clarke, John Cooper – Suspended Sentence/Innocents/Psycle Sluts Pts 1 & 2
o Cocksparrer – We Love You
o Crass – Christ: the Album
o Crass – Feeding of the 5000 EP
o Dead Fingers Talk – Storm the Reality Studios
o Drones – Further Temptations
o Ed Banger – Kinnel Tommy
o Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds – Ain’t Been to No Music School/Fascist Pigs
o Eno, Brian – (music from Derek Jarman’s Sebastiane and Jubilee)
o Eno, Brian – Ambient 1: Music for Airports
o Eno, Brian – Another Green World
o Eno, Brian – Discreet Music
o Eno, Brian – Music for Films (first edition with 9 extra tracks)
o Eno, Brian – Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)
o Fall – Bingo Master’s Breakout (EP)
o Fall – Dragnet
o Fall – It’s the New Thing
o Fall – Live at the Witch Trials
o Fall – Rowche Rumble
o Fripp & Eno – Evening Star
o Gilbert, Bruce (of Wire) – Insiding (Soundtrack, 1991)
o Gilbert, Bruce (of Wire) – Way to the Shivering Man (Soundtrack, 1989)
o Gordon the Moron – De Do Dough
o Iggy Pop – (see also the Stooges 1967-74 section)
o Iggy Pop – Lust for Life
o Iggy Pop – New Values
o Iggy Pop – The Idiot
o Jilted John – Jilted John/Going Steady
o Kraftwerk – Man Machine
o Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
o Magazine – I Love You, You Big Dummy
o Magazine – Real Life
o Magazine – Shot by Both Sides/My Mind Ain’t So Open
o Magazine – Touch & Go/Goldfinger
o Menace – GLC
o Menace – Screwed Up
o Prefects – 625 Lines
o Prefects – Agony Column
o Prefects – Bristol Road Leads to Dachau
o Prefects – Going Through the Motions/Things in General
o Prefects – Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit, 1987)
o Rezillos – Can’t Stand My Baby
o Rezillos – Can’t Stand the…
o Rezillos – Flying Saucer Attack/My Baby Does Good Sculptures
o Robinson, Tom Band – 2 4 6 8 Motorway
o Robinson, Tom Band – Rising Free/Glad to be Gay
o Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout
o Sham 69 – I Don’t Wanna
o Sham 69 – If the Kids are United/Sunday Morning Nightmare
o Sham 69 – Tell Us the Truth
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – Hong Kong Garden/Voices
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – Join Hands
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – Make Up to Break Up
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – Mittageisen (Metal Postcard)/Love in a Void
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – Peel Sessions (EP) (1977 session, Strange Fruit, 1987)
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – Peel Sessions (EP) (1978 session, Strange Fruit, 1989)
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – Staircase (a Mystery)/20th Century Boy
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – The Scream
o Siouxsie & the Banshees – Track Rehearsals (7” bootleg, 3/77 session)
o Skrewdriver – All Skrewed Up
o Skrewdriver – You’re So Dumb
o Slits – Cut
o Slits – Peel Sessions (8/77 and 5/78 sessions, Strange Fruit, 1990)
o Slits – Retrospective (1980 inc Let’s Do the Split/What a Boring Life/Vaseline/Slime)
o Slits – Typical Girls (12”)
o Spitfire Boys – Mein Kampf/British Refugee
o Subway Sect – (planned ’78 LP – unreleased)
o Subway Sect – Ambition/Different Story
o Subway Sect – Nobody’s Scared/Don’t Split It
o Subway Sect – Retrospective 1977-81
o UK Subs – C I D
o Ultravox – Systems of Romance
o Ultravox – Ultravox!
o Wire – 154 (with EP for initial pressings)
o Wire – A Bell is a Cup Until it is Struck
o Wire – A Question of Degree/Former Airline
o Wire – Chairs Missing
o Wire – Dot Dash/Options R
o Wire – I Am the Fly
o Wire – Ideal Copy
o Wire – Manscape
o Wire – Pink Flag


o Metal Urbain – Hysterie Connective/Pas Poubelle
o Metal Urbain – Les Hommes Morts Sont Dangereux (Byzz, 1980 comp)
o Metal Urbain – Panik/Lady Coca Cola
o Metal Urbain – Paris Maquis/Clé de Contact
o Rosa Yemen with Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Rosa Yemen EP (1979)
o Stinky Toys – Boozy Creed


o Radio Birdman – Burn My Eyes EP
o Scientists – Frantic Romantic
o Various Artists – Where Birdmen Flew (Taz Devil)
o Victims – Television Addict/Flipped Out Over You


o Suzannes – New Disease (EP)


o Kleenex – Beri Beri/Ain’t You/Hedi’s Head/Nice
o Kleenex – You/U


o Diodes – Diodes
o Diodes – Shape of Things to Come (from Wild in the Streets soundtrack)
o Diodes – Tired of Waking Up Tired/Child Star
o Viletones – Look Back in Anger (EP
o Viletones – Screaming Fist/Possibilites/Rebel

USA: General

o Bizarros – Bizarros s
o Bizarros – Underground
o Chrome – Alien Soundtrack
o Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves
o Chrome – Visitation
o Cramps – Human Fly/Domino
o Cramps – Off the Bone (1RS 1983 comp)
o Cramps – Songs the Lord Taught Us
o Cramps – Way I Walk/Surfin’ Bird
o Devo – Beautiful World
o Devo – Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise
o Devo – Freedom of Choice
o Devo – Hard Core Devo (Fan Club, 1990: 1976 recs)
o Devo – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction/Sloppy
o Devo – Jocko Homo/Mongoloid
o Devo – Live in San Francisco (live bootleg, Mabuhay 9/77)
o Devo – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo
o Devo – Whip It
o Residents – Beatles Play the Residents & the Residents Play the Beatles
o Residents – Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life/Flying
o Residents – Duck Stab/Buster & Glen
o Residents – Eskimo
o Residents – Meet the…
o Residents – Satisfaction
o Residents – Third Reich ‘n’ Roll
o Rice, Boyd – 16/33/45/78 (No Label, 1977 then Mute, 1981 self-titled)
o Suicide – 21½ Minutes in Berlin (EP)
o Suicide – 23 Minutes in Brussels (EP) (Bronze, 1978 live)
o Suicide – Alan Vega & Martin Rev: Suicide (2nd Album, now self-titled)
o Suicide – Cheree/I Remember
o Suicide – Half Alive (demos 1974-79, ROIR cassette, 1981)
o Suicide – Suicide (1st Album)

USA: Los Angeles

o Alleycats – Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
o Bags – Survive/Babylonian Gorgon
o Black Randy & the Metrosquad – Pass the Dust, I Think I’m Bowie
o Black Randy & the Metrosquad – Trouble at the Cup
o Deadbeats – Kill the Hippies
o Dickies – You Drive Me Ape
o Dils – Class War
o Dils – I Hate the Rich/You’re Not Blank
o Dils – Long Gone Dead
o Dils – Made in Canada (EP)
o Dils – Sundown
o Germs – Forming/Sex Boy (live)
o Germs – Germs (GI)
o Germs – Live at the Whiskey June 1977 (Mohawk/Bomp 1981)
o Germs – What We Do Is Secret (Slash 1981, comp)
o Middle Class – Out of Vogue (EP)
o Middle Class - Scavanged (EP)
o Randoms – A B C D
o Rotters – Sit on My Face Stevie Nix
o Screamers – Mater Dolores/122 Hours of Fear/(You Don’t Love Me, You Love) Magazines/(If I Can’t Have What I Want, Then I Don’t Want) Anything/Peer Pressure (demos)
o Urinals – I’m a Bug
o Urinals – Sex
o Urinals – Surfin’ with the Shah
o Various Artists – Dangerhouse Records Vol 1
o Various Artists – Tooth & Nail (Upsetter, 1979 comp)
o Various Artists – What Stuff (Iloki, 1991 comp)
o Various Artists – Yes L.A. (1979 one sided)
o Weirdos – Destroy All Music/A Life of Crime/Why Do You Exist
o Weirdos – It Means Nothing (Punk Vault, 1990 bootleg)
o Weirdos – Sold My Records and My Stereo, Ripped up My Tickets to See ELO!/We Got the Neutron Bomb
o Weirdos – Weird World
o Weirdos – Who? What? When? Why? (EP)
o X – Adult Books/We’re Desperate
o X – Los Angeles
o Zeros – Beat Your Heart Out/Wild Weekend
o Zeros – Wimp

USA: San Francisco

o Avengers – American in Me (EP) (produced by Steve Jones, 1979)
o Avengers – Avengers (CD Presents, 1983 comp)
o Avengers – Car Crash/We Are the One/I Believe in Me
o Avengers – End of the World (14/1/78 rec on bootleg 45)
o Crime – Hot Wire My Heart
o Crime – Murder by Guitar/Frustration
o Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles
o Nuns – Savage;Decadent Jew/Suicide Child
o Sleepers – Mirror/Theory
o Sleepers – Painless Nights
o Sleepers – Sleepers (EP)
o Tuxedo Moon – JoeBoy/Pinheads on the Move

USA: New York

o Dead Boys – We Have Cum for Your Children
o Dead Boys – Young Loud & Snotty
o Fleshtones – American Beat
o Lydia Lunch – Hysterie 1975-86
o Lydia Lunch – Try Me
o Mars – 3E (EP)
o Mars – Seventy Eight
o Various Artists – No New York

The Diaspora

o Anhrefn – Rhredeg I Paris (Crai 1990)
o Big in Japan – From Y to Z and Never Again (EP)
o Cabaret Voltaire – Extended Play (EP)
o Cabaret Voltaire – Living Legends (Mute, 1990 comp)
o Cabaret Voltaire – Listen Up
o Cold Crush Brothers – Punk Rock Rap
o Culturcide – Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America (white label, 1987)
o Desperate Bicycles – Medium was Tedium/Don’t Back the Front
o Desperate Bicycles – Smokescreen/Handlebars
o Echo & the Bunnymen – Crocodiles
o Echo & the Bunnymen – Pictures on my Wall/Read It in Books
o Echo & the Bunnymen – Rescue (12”)
o Echo & the Bunnymen – Songs to Learn & Sing (1985 comp)
o Ecstasy Boys – Anarchy in the House
o Ecstasy Boys – Anarchy in the Tekno House
o First Offence – Just Try Me
o Flying Lizards – Fourth Wall
o Flying Lizards – Money
o Flying Lizards – Summertime Blues
o Gang of Four – A Brief History of the Twentieth Century (1990 comp)
o Gang of Four – At Home He’s a Tourist/It’s Her Factory
o Gang of Four – Damaged Goods/Love Like Anthrax/Armalite Rifle
o Human League – Being Boiled/Circus of Death
o Human League – Dare
o Human League – Dignity of Labour Pts 1-4
o Joy Division – Still (outtakes comp)
o Joy Division – Substance (singles comp)
o Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
o KLF - Justified Ancients of Mu Mu: 1987, What the Fuck’s Going On? (track: Queen & I)
o Mekons – Never Been in a Riot
o Mekons – Where Were You?
o Normal – T V O D/Warm Leatherette
o O Level – We Love Malcolm (EP)
o P I L – Album (1986)
o P I L – Death Disco
o P I L – Flowers of Romance
o P I L – Happy & 9: the Greatest Hits so Far (1990 comp)
o P I L - Memories
o P I L – Metal Box (also released as Second Edition)
o P I L – Public Image
o P I L – Public Image
o P I L – This is Not a Love Song
o Pop Group – She is Beyond Good & Evil/3.38
o Pop Group – We are Time (Y Records, 1980 – 1978 demos & live)
o Pop Group – Y
o Renegade Soundwave – Phantom, the
o Renegade Soundwave – Thunder II
o Scritti Politti – Skank Bloc Bologna (EP)
o Simpkins, Nigel – X. Enc
o Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster/78 Revolutions a Minute
o Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material
o Sweet Exorcist – C C C D (Warp, 1991)
o This Heat – This Heat (1st Album, 1979)
o Teardrop Explodes – Bouncing Babies
o Teardrop Explodes – Kilimanjaro
o Teardrop Explodes – Reward
o Teardrop Explodes – Sleeping Gas/Camera Camera/Kirby Workers Dream Fades
o Television Personalities – Where’s Bill Grundy Now? (EP)
o Throbbing Gristle – D.O.A.: Third & Final Report
o Throbbing Gristle – Five Albums (comp of 1st five LPs)
o Throbbing Gristle – Greatest Hits: Entertainment Through Pain
o Throbbing Gristle – Second Annual Report
o Throbbing Gristle – United/Zyklon B Zombie
o Throbbing Gristle – We Hate You (Little Girls)/Five Knuckle Shuffle
o Time Zone (Afrika Bambaataa with John Lydon) – World Destruction
o Undertones – Teenage Kicks (EP)
o Undertones – Undertones (1st Album)
o Various Artists – Earcom 1-3 (Fast Records samplers)
o Various Artists – Factory Sample (EP) (1978)
o Various Artists – Fast Product: the First Year Plan (1979 comp)
o Various Artists – Streets (Beggars Banquet, 1977)
o Various Artists – To the Shores of Lake Placid (Zoo, 1982)
o Various Artists – Zoo Uncaged (Document, 1990 – Zoo Records comp)
o Warsaw (Joy Division) – Ideal for Living (EP)