The New Blackwell Guide to Recorded Blues

Edited by John Cowley & Paul Oliver, published by Blackwell in 1996. (The first edition was published in 1989. There was also an updated edition of the 1989 one in 1994). * equals LP only at the time, (cass) indicates cassette. Many of these recordings are now available in other, and sometimes much better forms. List of contributors at the end of the listings. Obscure labels’ countries of origin (when non UK/US) are given after label, but this is only when considered absolutely necessary.

Many of the Austrian Document/RST/Wolf/Blues Documents series have ‘Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order in their titles, I have sometimes shortened or omitted this for reason of space. It should be clear by what is typed what the album is though. Occasionally in this same series the artist(s) are listed and there are 4 or 5, in those cases I’ve often listed them as Various Artists.(Comp = Complete; Rec = Recorded; Chron = Chronological).

Part One: Recorded Blues – Considerations & Contexts

i) Precursors and Parallel Traditions

1. Various Artists Earliest Negro Vocal Groups: Vol 2 (1893-1992) Document
2. Various Artists Trinidad Loves to Play Carnival: Carnival, Calenda & Calypso From Trinidad 1914-1939 Matchbox
3. Various Artists Original Ragtime Classics From the Original Piano Rolls Charly

ii) Blues in History

4. Various Artists Beauty of the Blues: Roots N’ Blues Sampler Columbia
5. Various Artists Story of the Blues – Compiled by Paul Oliver Columbia
6. Various Artists Too Late, Too Late: Vol 2 – More Newly Discovered Titles & Alternate Takes (1897-1935) Document

iii) Jazz & Blues

7. Various Artists Sizzling the Blues: Recorded in New Orleans 1927-29 Frog
8. Various Artists From Spirituals to Swing Music Memoria (Fr)

iv) Continuing Traditions

9. Various Artists God’s Mighty Hand: Gospel Evangelists Heritage
10. Various Artists Testament Records Sampler Testament

Basic Records for Part One

i) Performance & Personalities

11. Various Artists Women in Blues: New York-Chicago-Memphis-Dallas, 1920-43 Fremeaux (Fr)
12. Various Artists Hokum Blues: Complete Recorded Works… (1924-29) Document
13. Johnson, Lonnie & V/A Playing with the Strings JSP
14. Various Artists Great Blues Guitarists: String Dazzlers Columbia
15. Various Artists Piano Discoveries: Newly Found Title & Alternate Takes (1928-43) Blues Documents

ii) Parallel Traditions in Africa & the Americas

16. Sam, Jacob & Kumasi 3 [Trio] Volume 2: 1928 Heritage
17. West African Instrumental Quintet 1929 Heritage
18. Various Artists Music of Madagascar: Classic Traditional Recordings of the 1930s Yazoo
19. Various Artists Sextetos Cubanos, Volume 1 [Sones Cubanos, 1930] Arhoolie
20. Various Artists Biguine: Valse, Et Mazurka Créoles (1929-40) Fremeaux (Fr)
iii) Blues, Jazz, and Country Music – Parallel and Crossover Traditions in the US

21. Jones, Richard M Complete Recorded Works… Vol 1 1923-27 RST Records
22. Various Artists State Street Ramblers Volume 2 RST
23. Broonzy, Big Bill Complete Recorded Works… Vol 3 1934-35 Document
24. Hayes, Clifford & the Louisville Jug Bands Complete Recorded Works… Vol 4 1929-1931 RST
25. Various Artists Country: Nashville-Dallas-Hollywood, 1927-42 Fremeaux (Fr)
26. Various Artists Western Swing: Texas, 1928-44 Fremeaux (Fr)

iv) Blues for Dancing – Post War Swing, Jump, Jive, and Boogie

27. Various Artists New York City Blues: Blues Masters Vol 13 Rhino
28. Various Artists Speciality Legends of Jump Blues Vol 1 Speciality/Ace
29. Various Artists House Rockin’ Blues: Chess & Checker Chicago Classics Ace
30. Various Artists Jiving Jamboree Ace
31. Various Artists Boogie Woogie Riot Ace/Arhoolie

v) Blues in the Field – Non Commercial Recordings

32. Boogie Woogie Boys – Albert Ammons-Pete Johnson-Meade ‘Lux’ Lewis Complete Library of Congress Recs 1938; Plus Film Soundtrack 1941 Blues Documents
33. Various Artists I Can Eagle Rock: Jook Joint Blues from Alabama & Louisiana Library of Congress Recs 1940-41 Travelin’ Man
34. Various Artists Traveling Through the Jungle: Fife & Drum Band Music from the Deep South Testament
35. Various Artists Wake Up Dead Man: Black Convict Worksongs from Texas Prisons Rounder

vi) Blues: Media & Messages

36. Burley, Dan/Brownie & Sticks McGee/Pops Foster Circle Blues Session 1946 Southland
37. Various Artists 18 Tracks from the Film ‘Chicago Blues’ Red Lightnin’
38. Various Artists Can’t Keep From Crying: Topical Blues on the Death of President Kennedy Testament
39. Martin, Carl/Johnny Young/John Lee Granderson/John Wrencher Chicago String Band Testament
40. Chenier, Clifton & the Red Hot Louisiana Band Live! At the Long Beach and San Francisco Blues Festivals Arhoolie

Part Two: Songsters & Proto Blues

i) Contexts & Origins

41. Various Artists Murderers’ Home: An Anthology of Negro Worksongs Compiled by Alan Lomax Sequel
42. Various Artists Roots of the Blues New World
43. Thomas, Henry Texas Worried Blues: Complete Rec Works 1927-29 Yazoo

ii) Southern Strings & Instrumentalists

44. Various Artists Altamont: Black Stringband Music from the L.O.C Rounder
45. Various Artists Texas Black Country Dance Music (1927-35) Document
46. Cannon, Gus Complete Rec Works… Volume 1 (1927-28) Document
iii) Songsters

47. Leadbelly Complete Rec Works… Vol 4, May to Oct 1944 Document
48. Stokes, Frank Creator of Memphis Blues Yazoo
49. Howell, Peg Leg & Eddie Anthony Complete Rec Works… Vol 1 1926-28 Document
50. Various Artists Greatest Songsters (1927-39) Document

Basic Records for Part Two

i) Contexts & Origins

51. Various Artists Elder Songsters I: Music from the South Vol 6 Folkways (cass)
52. Various Artists Negro Work Songs & Calls L.O.C. (cass)
53. Various Artists Secular Music: Negro Folk Music from Alabama, Volume 1 Folkways (cass)
54. Harris, Pete/Smith Casey/Others Texas Field Recs (1934-39) Document
55. Various Artists Blues Roots: Blues Masters Volume 10 Rhino
56. Morton, Jelly Roll Kansas City Stomp: L.O.C. Recs Vol 1 Rounder
57. Various Artists Ain’t Gonna Rain No More: An Historical Survey of Pre Blues and Blues from Piedmont, North Carolina Rounder*

ii) Southern Strings & Instrumentalists

58. Evans, Joe & Arthur McClain Complete Rec Works 1927-31 Document
59. Graves, Blind Roosevelt Complete Rec Works 1929-36 Document
60. Various Artists Mississippi String Bands & Associates 1928-31 Blues Documents
61. Mississippi Sheiks Stop & Listen Yazoo
62. Hayes, Clifford & the Louisville Jug Band Vol 2: 1926-27 RST
63. Various Artists Memphis Harps & Jug Blowers 1927-39 Blues Documents
64. Bradley, Tommie/James Cole Groups Complete Rec Works 1928-32 Document
65. Martin, Carl/Ted Bogan/Howard Armstrong Barnyard Dance Rounder*

iii) Songsters

66. Various Artists Sinners & Saints (1926-31) Document
67. Various Artists Memphis Gospel (1927-29) Document
68. Various Artists Guitar Evangelists (1928-51) Document
69. Jackson, Papa Charlie & V/A Comp Rec Works Vol 2 1926-28 Document
70. Stovepipe No 1 & David Crockett Comp Rec Works 1924-30 Document
71. Jackson, Jim Comp Rec Works Vol 1: 1927-28 Document
72. Various Artists Songster Tradition: 1927-35 Document
73. Various Artists Kansas City Blues 1924-29 Document
74. Davis, Rev Gary & Pink Anderson Gospel, Blues & Street Songs OBC
75. Peg Leg Sam Medicine Show Man Trix
76. Cotton, Elizabeth Freight Train Blues & Other North Carolina Folk Songs & Tunes Smiths/Folkways
77. Lipscomb, Mance You Got to Reap What You Sow: Texas Songster Vol 2 Arhoolie
78. Fuller, Jesse Railroad Worksong Lake
79. Jackson, John Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down Arhoolie
80. Various Artists Country Negro Jam Session Arhoolie

Part Three: Early Deep South and Mississippi River Basin Blues

i) Mississippi Blues

81. Patton, Charley Complete Recorded Works P-Vine (Jap)
82. House, Son & V/A & the Great Delta Blues Singers (1928-30) Document
83. Johnson, Tommy Complete Rec Works 1928-29 Document
84. Bracey, Ishman & Charley Taylor Comp Rec Works 1928-29 Document
85. James, Skip Complete Early Recs of… Yazoo
86. Johnson, Robert Complete Recordings Columbia
87. White, Bukka Complete Sessions (1930-40) Travelin’ Man

ii) Memphis Blues

88. Memphis Jug Band Memphis Jug Band Yazoo
89. Wilkins, Robert/Tom Dickson/Allen Shaw Memphis Blues 1928-35 Document
90. Lewis, Furry Complete Rec Works 1927-29 Document

Basic Records for Part Three

i) Mississippi and Alabama Blues

91. Various Artists Backwoods Blues 1926-35 Document
92. Collins, Sam Jailhouse Blues Yazoo
93. Harris, William/Buddy Boy Hawkins Comp Rec Works 1927-29 Document
94. Various Artists Alabama: Black Country Dance Bands 1924-49 Document
95. Coleman, Jaybird & the Birmingham Jug Band Complete Rec Works 1927-30 Document
96. Bell, Ed (Barefoot Bill/Sluefoot Joe) Comp Rec Works 1927-30 Document
97. Various Artists Mississippi Blues Vol 1 (1928-37) Document
98. Various Artists Mississippi Blues Vol 2 (1926-35) Document
99. McCoy, Charlie Complete 1928-32 Recs Blues Documents
100. Vincson, Walter Complete Rec Works 1928-41 Blues Documents
101. Carter, Bo Banana in Your Fruit Basket: Red Hot Blues Yazoo
102. Nelson, Sonny Boy with Mississippi Matilda & Robert Hill 1936 Wolf
103. Scott, Sonny 1933 Story of Blues (Ger)
104. Williams, Big Joe Comp Rec Works Vol 1 (1935-41) Blues Documents
105. McClennan, Tommy Travelin’ Highway Man 1939-42 Travelin’ Man
106. Virgial, Otto/Robert Petway/Robert Lockwood Mississippi Blues 1935-1951 Wolf
107. McCoy, Robert Lee (Robert Lockwood) Comp Rec Works 1937-40 Wolf

ii) Memphis Blues

108. Various Artists Memphis Blues: 1927-38 Document
109. Various Artists Memphis Jug Band: Associates & Alternate Takes 1927-30 Wolf
110. Kelly, Jack & His South Memphis Jug Band 1933-39 Blues Documents
111. Burse, Charlie/James De Berry Comp Rec Works 1939 Old Tramp

iii) West Tennessee Blues

112. Estes, Sleepy John First Recordings with James ‘Yank’ Rachel, Noah Lewis JSP
113. Rachel, James ‘Yank’ Complete Rec Works Vol 1 (1934-38) Wolf
114. Bonds, ‘Brownsville’ Son/Charlie Pickett Comp Rec Works 1934-41 Wolf

iv) St Louis Blues

115. Spaulding, Henry/Henry Townsend/JD Short 1929-37 Document
116. Jordan, Charley Comp Rec Works Vol 1 (1930-31) Document
117. Gibson, Clifford Beat You Doing It Yazoo

v) Louisville & Cincinnati Blues

118. Weaver, Sylvester Complete Rec Works Vol 1 (1923-27) Document
119. Byrd, John & Walter Taylor 1929-31 Story of Blues (Ger)
120. Cole, Kid/Cincinnati Jug Band/Bob & Walter Coleman Cincinnati Blues (1928-36) Story of Blues (Ger)

Part Four: The East Coast & Texas

i) Pre-War Blues in the South-Eastern States

121. Blind Blake Ragtime Guitar’s Foremost Picker Yazoo
122. Various Artists Ragtime Blues Guitar: 1927-30 Document
123. McTell, Blind Willie Definitive Columbia
124. Fuller, Blind Boy East Coast Piedmont Style Columbia

ii) Post-War Blues in South-Eastern States

125. Various Artists ‘Play My Juke Box’: East Coast Blues 1943-54 Flyright

iii) Pre-War Blues in Texas

126. Jefferson, Blind Lemon King of the Country Blues Yazoo
127. Johnson, Blind Willie Complete Columbia
128. Leadbelly King of the 12-String Guitar Columbia

iv) Post-War Blues in Texas

129. Hopkins, Lightnin’ Gold Star Sessions Vol 1 Arhoolie
130. Various Artists Texas Blues: Gold Star Sessions Arhoolie

Basic Records for Part Four

i) Pre-War Blues in the South-Eastern States

131. Various Anon Artists Nobody Knows my Name: Blues from South Carolina & Georgia Heritage*
132. Various Artists Georgia Blues & Gospel (1927-31) Document
133. Council, Floyd/Eddie Kelly/Rich & Welly Trice 1937-47 Document
134. Various Artists Georgia Blues 1927-33 Yazoo
135. Barbecue Bob Chocolate to the Bone Yazoo
136. Howell, Peg Leg & Eddie Anthony Vol 2: 1928-1930 Document/Matchbox
137. Moss, Buddy 1930-41 Travelin’ Man
ii) Post-War Blues in the South-Eastern States

138. McGhee, Brownie 1944-1955 Travelin’ Man
139. Terry, Sonny Whoopin’ the Blues: Capitol Recs 1947-50 Capitol
140. Pickett, Dan & Tarheel Slim 1949 Flyright
141. Davis, Rev Gary Pure Religion & Bad Company Smiths/Folkways
142. Johnson, Henry Union County Flash Trix
143. Various Artists Georgia Blues Rounder*
144. Various Artists Virginia Traditions: Western Piedmont Blues Global Village
145. Jackson, Bill Long Steel Rail: Blues by Maryland Songster… Testament

iii) Pre-War Blues in Texas

146. Various Artists Texas Girls (1926-29) Document
147. Various Artists Texan Blues (1927-35) Document
148. Alexander, Texas Comp Rec Works Vol 2: 1928-30 Document/Matchbox
149. Thomas, Ramblin’ & the Dallas Blues Singers 1928-32 Document
150. Campbell, Gene Comp Rec Works 1929-31 Document
151. Smith, ‘Funny Papa’ Orig Howlin’ Wolf 1930-31 Yazoo
152. Woods, Oscar ‘Buddy’ & Black Ace Texas Slide Guitars 1930-38 Document
153. Various Artists Texas Santa Fe 1934-37: Piano Blues Vol 11 Magpie*

iv) Post-War Blues in Texas

154. Various Artists Texas Country Blues Flyright
155. Sims, Frankie Lee Lucy Mae Blues Speciality
156. Wilson, Hop & His Buddies Steel Guitar Flash Ace
157. Black Ace I’m the Boss Card in Your Hand Arhoolie
158. Moore, Whistling Alex From North Dallas to the East Side Arhoolie
159. Lipscomb, Mance Texas Songster Arhoolie
160. Lightning [Sam], Joel & John Henry Hopkins Brothers Arhoolie

Part Five: ‘Classic’ Blues & Women Singers

i) ‘Classic’ & ‘Down-home’ Singers

161. Cox, Ida Comp Rec Works Vol 1 June to Dec 1923 Document
162. Rainey, Ma Black Bottom Yazoo
163. Smith, Bessie Comp Recs Vol 2 Columbia
164. Tucker, Bessie Comp Rec Works 1928-29 Document
165. Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe Recs in Chron Order Vol 3 1931-32 Document
166. Bogan, Lucille (Bessie Jackson) Comp Rec Works Vol 2 1930-33 Blues Documents
167. Various Artists Ladies Sing the Blues ASV Living Era

ii) From Blues (and Jazz) to Soul

168. Washington, Dinah Story (the Original Recs) Mercury
169. Big Maybelle Complete Okeh Sessions 1952-55 Epic/Okeh/Legacy
170. Franklin, Aretha Jazz to Soul Columbia

Basic Records for Part Five

i) ‘Classic’ & ‘Down-home’ Singers

171. Various Artists Classic Blues Women: Blues Masters Vol 11 Rhino
172. Hunter, Young Alberta The ‘20s & ‘30s Jass
173. Smith, Clara Comp Rec Works Vol 5 1927-29 Document
174. Smith, Bessie Comp Recs Vol 4 Columbia
175. Hill, Bertha ‘Chippie’ Comp Rec Works 1925-29 Document
176. Baker, Katherine/Lizzie & Elizabeth Washington 1927-34 Document
177. Glinn, Lillian Comp Rec Works 1927-29 Document
178. Smith, Ivy & Cow Cow Davenport Comp Rec Works 1927-30 Blues Documents
179. Robinson, Elzadie Comp Rec Works Vol 2 1928-29 Document
180. Johnson, Edith Honey Dripper Blues Agram Blues (Neth)
181. Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom Comp Rec Works 1930-34 Blues Documents
182. Johnson, Lil Comp Rec Works Vol 1 1929-36 Document
183. Spivey, Victoria Comp Rec Works Vol 3 1929-36 Document
184. Various Artists Jailhouse Blues: Women’s A Capella Songs from the Parchman Penitentiary, L.O.C. Field Recs Rosetta*
185. Various Artists Female Chicago Blues: Comp Rec Works 1936-47 Document
186. Memphis Minnie Comp Rec Works Vol 5: 1940-41 Blues Documents
187. Green, Lil Why Don’t You Do Right? 1940-42 Blues Collection (Fr)

ii) From Blues (and Jazz) to Soul

188. Price, Sammy [& V/A] …& the Blues Singers Wolf (4CD)
189. Price, Sammy [& V/A] …& the Blues Singers Wolf (4CD)
190. Thomas, Hociel/Bertha ‘Chippie’ Hill/J.H. Shayne Mutt Carey & Lee Collins [accompanists] American Music
191. Howard, Rosetta Comp Rec Works 1939-47 RST
192. Brown, Ruth Miss Rhythm Atlantic/Sequel
193. James, Etta R & B Dynamite Charly
194. De Santo, Sugar Pie Use What You Got Chess
195. Hunter, Alberta/Lucille Hegammin/Victoria Spivey Songs We Taught Your Mother OBC
196. Wallace, Sippie Women Be Wise Alligator
197. Taylor, Koko Wang Dang Doodle Roots (Belg)
198. Thornton, Big Mama Ball N’ Chain Arhoolie
199. Phillips, Esther Confessin’ the Blues Atlantic/Sequel
200. Various Artists First Ladies of R & B Charly

Part Six: Piano Blues & Boogie Woogie

i) The Golden Age

201. Various Artists Paramount Vol 1 1928-32: The Piano Blues Magpie
202. Various Artists Paramount Vol 2 1927-32: The Piano Blues Magpie
203. Various Artists Vocalion 1928-30: The Piano Blues Magpie
204. Various Artists Boogie Woogie & Barrelhouse Piano Vol 2: 1928-30 Document
205. Sykes, Roosevelt Comp Rec Works Vol 2: 1930-31 Document

ii) Urban Blues

206. Roland, Walter Comp Rec Works Vol 1 (1933) Document
207. Loften, Cripple Clarence Comp Rec Works Vol 1 (1935-39) Blues Doc
208. Big Maceo King of Chicago Blues Piano Arhoolie Folklyric

iii) Boogie Woogie

209. Various Artists Boogie Woogie Boys 1938-44 Magpie
210. Yancey, Jimmy Comp Rec Works 1939-50 Vol 1: 1939-40 Document

Basic Records for Part Six

i) Pre-War

211. Various Artists Boogie Woogie Blues: Piano Roll Solos Biograph
212. Morton, Jelly Roll Winin’ Boy Blues: L.O.C. Recs Vol 4 Rounder
213. Ezell, Will Comp Rec Works 1927-31 Blues Docs
214. Davenport, Cow Cow Comp Rec Works Vol 1 1925-29 Document
215. Spand, Charlie Comp Paramounts 1929-31 Document
216. Various Artists Piano Blues: Comp Rec Works Vol 1 1927-36 Document
217. Miller, Eddie/John Oscar/George Noble Chicago Piano 1929-36 Document
218. Wallace, Wesley/Henry Brown & Associates St Louis Barrelhouse Piano 1929-34 Document
219. Carr, Leroy 1930-35: The Piano Blues Magpie
220. Various Artists Barrelhouse Women, 1925-33: The Piano Blues Vol 19 Magpie*
221. Davis, Walter Comp Rec Works 1933-52 Vol 1 1933-35 Document
222. Duerson, Herve/Turner Parrish/Kingfish Bill Tomlin Comp Rec Works 1929-33 Document
223. Montgomery, Little Brother Comp Rec Works 1930-36 Document
224. Sparks Brothers Comp Rec Works 1932-35 Document
225. Various Artists Deep South Blues Piano 1935-37 Document
226. Sykes, Roosevelt Comp Rec Works Vol 4: 1934-36 Document
227. Bogan, Lucille (Bessie Jackson) Comp Rec Works Vol 3: 1934-35 Blues Documents
228. Speckled Red Comp Rec Works 1929-38 Document
229. Wheatstraw, Peetie Devil’s Son-In-Law, Comp Rec Works Vol 1 1930-32 Document
230. Chatman, Peter as Memphis Slim Comp Recs 1940-41 Blues Coll (Fr)

ii) Texas

231. Thomas, George & Hersal/Moanin’ Bernice Edwards Texas Piano Vol 1: 1923-35 Document
232. Various Artists Dallas 1927-29: The Piano Blues Magpie

iii) Boogie Woogie

233. Loften, Cripple Clarence Comp Rec Works Vol 2: 1939-43 Blues Docs
234. Taylor, Montana with Chippie Hill & Almond Leonard Southland
235. Ammons, Albert King of Boogie Woogie 1939-49 Blues Classics*

iv) Post-War & the Revival

236. Dupree, Champion Jack 1945-53 Krazy Kat
237. Various Artists Unfinished Boogie: Western Blues Piano 1946-52 Muskadine*
238. Shaw, Robert The Ma Grinder: Texas Barrelhouse Piano Arhoolie
239. Piano Red Atlanta Bounce Arhoolie
240. Spann, Otis & Robert Lockwood Jr Otis Spann is the Blues Candid

Part Seven: The 1930s & the Library of Congress (L.O.C.)

i) ‘News & the Blues’ and the Library of Congress

241. Various Artists News & the Blues: Telling It Like It Is Columbia
242. Muddy Waters Comp Plantation Recs – The Historic 1941-42 L.O.C. Field Recs Chess/MCA
243. House, Son Complete L.O.C. Sessions 1941-42 Travelin’ Man

ii) Chicago & Indianapolis

244. Broonzy, Big Bill Good Time Tonight Columbia
245. Memphis Minnie 1933-37 [1938] Columbia
246. Williamson, Sonny Boy Comp Rec Works Vol 1 (1937-38) Document
247. Carr, Leroy Vol 2 1929-35: The Piano Blues Magpie
248. Dupree, Champion Jack New Orleans Barrelhouse Piano Columbia

iii) The Eastern Seaboard

249. McGhee, Brownie Complete Columbia
250. Rushing, Jimmy Mr Five by Five Topaz

Basic Records for Part Seven

i) ‘News & the Blues’ and the Library of Congress

251. Various Artists Legends of the Blues Vol 2 Columbia
252. Various Artists Slide Guitar: Bottles, Knives & Steel Vol 2 Columbia
253. Sykes, Roosevelt Comp Rec Works Vol 3: 1931-33 Document
254. Pullum, Jack Comp Rec Works 1934-35 Vol 1 Document
255. Johnson, Lonnie Comp Rec Works 1937-47 Vol 1 1937-40 Blues Docs
256. Estes, Sleepy John Comp Rec Works Vol 2 1937-41 Document
257. Various Artists Louisiana Cajun & Creole Music 1934: the Lomax Recs Swallow*
258. Leadbelly Midnight Special: the L.O.C. Recs Vol 1 Rounder
259. Various Artists Red River Blues 1934-43 Travelin’ Man
260. Pittman, Sampson Devil Is Busy: L.O.C. Field Recs Laurie
261. Various Artists Mississippi Blues: L.O.C. Recs 1940-42 Travelin’ Man
262. Various Artists Blues in the Mississippi Night Rykodisc

ii) Chicago & Indianapolis

263. Bumble Bee Slim (Amos Easton) Comp Rec Works Vol 5 1935-36 Document
264. Arnold, Kokomo Comp Rec Works Vol 3: 1936-37 Document
265. White, Georgia Comp Rec Works Vol 3: 1937-39 Document
266. Washboard Sam Comp Rec Works Vol 3: March to Dec 1938 Document
267. Gillum, Jazz Comp Rec Works Vol 2: 1938-41 Document
268. Tampa Red Comp Rec Works Vol 12: 1941-45 Document
269. Gaither, Bill (Leroy’s Buddy) Comp Rec Works Vol 4: Sept to Oct 1939 Document

iii) Good-Time Blues & Hokum

270. Various Artists Good Time Blues: Harmonicas, Kazoos, Washboards & Cow Bells Columbia
271. Various Artists Raunchy Business: Hot Nuts & Lollipops Columbia
272. Famous Hokum Boys Comp Rec Works Vol 2 1930-31 Wolf
273. Harlem Hamfats Comp Rec Works Vol 1 April to Nov 1936 Document
274. Dixon, Willie Big Three Trio Columbia

iv) The Eastern Seaboard

275. Butterbeans & Susie Butterbeans & Susie JSP
276. Various Artists Henry Allen Collection Vol 1 Collectors Classics (Dan)
277. Jordan, Louis At the Swing Cat’s Ball: The Early Years 1937-39 JSP
278. Barker, Blue Lu Chronological 1938-39 Classics
279. Fuller, Blind Boy 1935-40 Travelin’ Man
280. Brown, Gabriel Mean Old Blues 1943-49 Flyright

Part Eight: Rhythm & Blues

i) Forget Your Troubles & Jump Your Blues Away

281. Jordan, Louis & His Tympany Five Best of MCA
282. McShann, Jay Orchestra Blues from Kansas City MCA/GRP
283. Washington, Dinah Complete Vol 1: 1943-45 Official (Dan)

ii) I Woke Up Hollerin’ and Screamin’

284. Turner, Big Joe Tell Me Pretty Baby Arhoolie
285. Harris, Wynonie Good Rocking Tonight Charly
286. Brown, Roy Blues Deluxe Charly
287. King, B.B. Singin’ the Blues/The Blues Virgin/Flair

iii) A Blues & Rhythm Melting Pot

288. Various Artists RCA Victor Blues & Rhythm Show RCA
289. Various Artists Mercury R&B (1946-62) Polygram/Mercury
290. Various Artists Okeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-57 Sony/Epic

Basic Records for Part Eight

i) Forget Your Troubles & Jump Your Blues Away

291. Tate, Buddy & Friends Jumping on the West Coast Black Lion
292. Otis, Johnny Band Be Bop Baby Blues Night Train Int
293. McVea, Jack & His Door Openers Two Timin’ Baby Jukebox Lil (Swe)
294. Jackson, Bullmoose Bad Man Jackson, That’s Me Charly
295. Humes, Helen Be-Baba-Leba Whiskey, Women, and… (Swe)
296. Lee, Julia & Her Boyfriends Ugly Papa Jukebox Lil (Swe)
297. Gant, Cecil Cecil Gant Krazy Kat
298. McNeely, Big Jay Road House Boogie Saxophonograph (Swe)
299. Bradshaw, Tiny Breaking Up the House Charly
300. Grimes, Tiny & His Rocking Highlanders same title Krazy Kat
301. Various Artists Jumpin’ the Blues Ace

ii) I Woke Up Hollerin’ and Screamin’

302. Various Artists West Coast Jive Delmark
303. Witherspoon, Jimmy Blowin’ in From Kansas City Flair/Virgin/Ace
304. Various Artists Shouting the Blues Speciality
305. Little Esther Better Beware Charly
306. Various Artists Early R&B Vol 1: Chicago Jump Bands RST
307. Mabon, Willie Seventh Son Charly
308. Turner, Ike King’s of Rhythm Trailblazer Charly
309. Little Richard Formative Years 1951-53 Bear Family
310. Brown, James Roots of a Revolution Polydor
311. King, Freddie Blues Guitar Hero: Influential Early Sessions Ace

iii) A Blues & Rhythm Melting Pot

312. Various Artists Ride, Daddy, Ride! And Other Songs of Love Charly
313. Various Artists Blue Jubilee Vogue (Fr)
314. Various Artists Let’s Have a Ball Tonight: Pioneers of R&B Natasha
315. Various Artists Atlantic R&B Vol 1 (1947-52) Atlantic
316. Various Artists Atlantic R&B Vol 2 (1952-54) Atlantic
317. Various Artists Best of Gotham R&B Krazy Kat
318. Various Artists Come On Let’s Boogie: Freedom Records, Texas Blues Anthology P-Vine (Jap)
319. Various Artists Regal Records in New Orleans Speciality
320. Various Artists Sun Blues Archives Vol 2: Bootin’ Boogie Charly/Sun

Part Nine: Southern Crossovers

i) Roots of the Black-White Interchange

321. Various Artists Roots n’ Blues: The Retrospective (1925-50) Columbia (4CD)
322. Various Artists Roots n’ Blues: The Retrospective (1925-50) Columbia (4CD)
323. Various Artists Sounds of the South: A Musical Journey from the Georgia Sea Islands to the Mississippi Delta Atlantic (4CD)
324. Various Artists Sounds of the South: A Musical Journey from the Georgia Sea Islands to the Mississippi Delta Atlantic (4CD)

ii) Southern Mountains: Old Timey & Bluegrass

325. Various Artists White Country Blues (1926-38): A Lighter Shade of Blue Columbia
326. Various Artists Mountain Music Bluegrass Style Smiths/Folkways
327. Watson, Doc & Merle Pickin’ the Blues Flying Fish

iii) South-West: Western Swing & Country-Western

328. Rodgers, Jimmie Train Whistle Blues ASV Living Era
329. Various Artists Okeh Western Swing CBS Spec Prods

iv) Post-War: Rockabilly & Modern Country

330. Presley, Elvis/Scotty Moore/Bill Black Sun Sessions CD RCA
Basic Records for Part Nine

i) Roots of the Black-White Interchange

331. Various Artists Blacks, Whites, & Blues CBS*
332. Various Artists Gospel Traditions: Roots & Branches Vol 1 Columbia
333. Various Anglo-American & African-American Baptist Churches of Virginia Primitive Baptist Hymns of the Blue Ridge University of N Carolina Press*
334. Riddle, Lesley Step by Step: … Meets the Carter Family – Blues, Country & Sacred Songs Rounder
335. Various Artists String Bands 1926-29: Comp Rec Works Document
336. Various Artists Harp Blowers: Comp Rec Works 1925-36 Document
337. Various Artists Minstrels & Tunesmiths: Commercial Roots of Early Country Music JEMF*

ii) Southern Mountains: Old Timey & Bluegrass

338. Various Artists Ragged But Right: Great Country String Bands of the 1930s RCA
339. Various Artists Are You From Dixie? Great Country Brother Teams of the 1930s RCA
340. Various Artists Something Got a Hold of Me: A Treasury of Sacred Music RCA
341. Various Artists Mountain Blues County*
342. Various Artists Mr Charlie’s Blues (1926-38) Yazoo*
343. Poole, Charlie & the North Carolina Ramblers Old-Time Songs Rec from 1925 to 1930 County
344. Boggs, Dock Original Records Folkways (cass)
345. Hutchison, Frank Train That Carried My Girl Out of Town Rounder*
346. Monroe, Bill & His Blue Grass Boys Mule Skinner Blues RCA
347. Smith, Arthur/Sam & Kirk McGee Mountain Songs & Instrumentals Folkways (cass)

iii) The South-West: Western Swing & Western Country

348. Wills, Bob Anthology Sony
349. Brown, Milton & His Musical Brownies/Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers Under the Double Eagle: Great Western Swing Bands of the 1930s RCA
350. Farr, Hugh & Karl Texas Stomp: Hot ‘n’ Bluesy, 1934-40 Country Routes
351. Davis, Jimmie Rockin’ Blues Bear Family*

iv) Post-War: Rockabilly & Modern Country

352. Delmore Brothers Delmore Brothers Ace
353. Travis, Merle Folksongs of the Hills (Back Home/Songs of the Coalmines) Bear Family
354. Lewis, Jerry Lee 18 Original Sun Greatest Hits Rhino
355. Various Artists Memphis Rocks: Rockabilly in Memphis 1954-68 Smithsonian Press
356. Various Artists Get Hot or Go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabilly ’56-’59 CMF
357. Jim & Jesse [McReynolds] & the Virginia Boys Berry Pickin’ in the Country Epic*
358. Various Artists Cajun Music & Zydeco Rounder
359. Haggard, Merle Best of Country Blues Curb
360. Various Artists Rhythm Country & Blues MCA

Part Ten: Post-War Chicago & the North

i) Chessmen

361. Muddy Waters The Chess Box MCA/Chess
362. Little Water [Jacobs] Essential MCA/Chess
363. Howlin’ Wolf Chess Box MCA/Chess
364. Williamson, Sonny Boy [Rice Miller] Essential MCA/Chess

ii) A Wide Range of Feeling

365. James, Elmore King of the Slide Guitar Charly (4CD)
366. James, Elmore King of the Slide Guitar Charly (4CD)
367. Reed, Jimmy ‘Speak the Lyrics to Me, Mama Reed’ Vee Jay
368. Various Artists Blues is Killin’ Me Paula/Flyright
369. Various Artists Cobra Records Story Capricorn

iii) Detroit Blues

370. Hooker, John Lee Graveyard Blues Speciality/Ace

Basic Records for Part Ten

i) Melrose Years

371. Crudup, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ That’s All Right Mama RCA Bluebird
372. Clayton, Dr [Peter] Complete Pre-War Recs 1935-42 Document
373. Williamson, Sonny Boy Comp Rec Works Vol 5: 1945-47 Document
374. Williams, Big Joe Comp Rec Works Vol 2: 1945-49 Blues Docs

ii) Small Labels: the Industrial Sound

375. Shines, Johnny & Robert Lockwood same title Paula/Flyright
376. Pryor, Snooky Snooky Pryor, Floyd Jones & Moody Jones Paula/Flyright
377. Little Walter & V/A Blues World of Little Walter Delmark
378. Various Artists Hand Me Down Blues, Chicago Style Relic
379. Memphis Slim At the Gate of Horn Vee Jay
380. Boyd, Eddie Third Degree Charly
381. Wells, Junior 1957-63 Paula/Flyright
382. Various Artists Chicago Piano 1951-58 Paula/Flyright
383. Various Artists Chicago Blues Harmonicas Paula/Flyright

iii) West Side Polish & South Side Soul

384. Magic Sam West Side Guitar: 1957-66 Paula/Flyright
385. Taylor, Eddie Bad Boy Charly
386. Various Artists The Way I Feel Flyright
387. Arnold, Billy Boy I Wish You Would Charly

iv) Chess

388. Guy, Buddy Complete Chess Studio Recs MCA/Chess
389. Rogers, Jimmy Hard Working Man Charly
390. Lenoir, J.B. Natural Man MCA/Chess
391. Various Artists Drop Down Mama MCA/Chess
392. Bo Diddley Bo’s Blues Ace
393. Berry, Chuck On the Blues Side Ace

v) Pastmasters…. Live!

394. Hutto, J.B. & His Hawks Hawk Squat Delmark
395. Taylor, Hound Dog Beware of the Dog Alligator
396. Taylor, Koko Earthshaker Alligator
397. Littlejohn, Johnny Chicago Blues Stars Arhoolie
398. Various Artists Chicago/The Blues/Today Vanguard (3CD)

vi) Detroit

399. Hooker, John Lee & Eddie Burns 1950-52 Flyright
400. Various Artists Detroit Blues: the Early 1950s Blues Classics*

Part Eleven: Down-Home Post-War Blues

i) the Living Legends

401. House, Son Father of the Delta Blues: the Complete 1965 Sessions Columbia
402. James, Skip Today Vanguard
403. White, Bukka Mississippi Blues: Legacy of the Blues Vol 1 Takoma

ii) Mr DownChild

404. Williams, Big Joe Shake Your Boogie Arhoolie
405. Estes, Sleepy John Legend of… Delmark
406. Williamson, Sonny Boy [Rice Miller] King Biscuit Time Arhoolie

iii) Time Has Made a Change

407. Hooker, John Lee No Friend Around Red Lightnin’
408. Shines, Johnny Last Night’s Dream Sire
409. McDowell, Fred You Gotta Move (formally Mississippi Delta Blues) Arhoolie
410. Howlin’ Wolf Rides Again Ace

Basic Records for Part Eleven

i) Memphis & the Delta

411. Vinson, Mose & Booker T. Laury Memphis Blues Piano Today Wolf
412. Ross, Dr Boogie Disease Arhoolie
413. Lewis, Furry Furry Lewis Folkways (cass)
414. Louis, Joe Hill with Walter Horton & Mose Vinson Be-Bop Boy Bear Family
415. Various Artists Ultimate Memphis Blues Collection Memphis (Neth)
416. Hurt, Mississippi John Avalon Blues Flyright
417. Various Artists Roots of R&B: A Tribute to the Robert Johnson Era Columbia
418. Various Artists Delta Blues 1951 Alligator
419. Various Artists Mississippi Delta Blues: Blow My Blues Away Vol 1 Arhoolie
420. Various Artists Mississippi Delta Blues: Blow My Blues Away Vol 2 Arhoolie
421. Kimbrough, Junior & the Soul Blues Boys All Night Long Fat Possum/Demon

ii) Behind the Sun: Central/South Mississippi and Louisiana

422. Chatmon, Sam Mississippi Sheik Blue Goose*
423. Cat Iron Sings Blues & Hymns Folkways (cass)
424. Various Artists Catfish Blues: Mississippi Blues from Jackson & Crystal Springs 1951-67 Blue Moon
425. Smoky Babe [Herman E. Johnson] Louisiana Country Blues Arhoolie
426. Williams, Robert Pete Free Again OBC

iii) Blues Coast to Coast

427. Various Artists The Fifties: Juke Joint Blues Flair/Virgin/Ace
428. Various Artists Rural Blues: Comp Rec Works Vol 1 1934-49 Document
429. Various Artists Drove From Home Blues Flyright
430. Various Artists Bluesville Vol 1: Folk Blues Ace
431. Louisiana Red Lowdown Backporch Blues Sequel
432. Lee, John Down at the Depot Rounder*
433. McTell, Blind Willie Last Session OBC
434. Edwards, Frank Done Some Travelin’ Trix
435. Campbell, James Friendly Five Blind James Campbell & his Nashville St Band Arhoolie
436. Big Boy Henry Carolina Blues Jam Erwin Music
437. Carolina Slim Comp Rec Works 1950-52 Blues Docs
438. Hopkins, Lightnin’ Lightnin’ Hopkins Smiths/Folkways
439. Fulson, Lowell River Blues Arhoolie (cass)
440. Mercy Dee [Walton] Mercy’s Troubles/Troublesome Mind Arhoolie

Part Twelve: Post-War Texas & the West Coast

i) Pioneers: Rhythm & Blues and Blues Piano & Blues Ballads

441. Brown, Charles Driftin’ Blues: the Best of… Collectables
442. Milburn, Amos Down the Road Apiece: the Best of… EMI

ii) Texas Troubadour

443. Hopkins, Lightnin’ Complete Aladdin Recs EMI

iii) Foundations of Electric Blues Guitar

444. Walker, T-Bone Complete Recs of… 1940-54 Mosaic (6CD)
445. Walker, T-Bone Complete Recs of… 1940-54 Mosaic (6CD)
446. Brown, Gatemouth Original Peacock Recs Rounder
447. Fulson, Lowell Hung Down Head MCA/Chess
448. Collins, Albert/Robert Cray/Johnny Copeland Showdown! Alligator

iv) the Peak of Duke-Peacock: Singer & Settings

449. Bland, Bobby I Pity the Fool: Duke Recs Vol 1 MCA

v) West Coast Rhythm & Blues

450. Otis, Johnny & V/A Johnny Otis: Live at Monterey! Epic/Legacy

Basic Records for Part Twelve

i) Pianists

451. Charles, Ray Birth of a Legend 1949-52 Ebony
452. Dixon, Floyd Marshall, Texas is My Home Speciality/Ace
453. Walton, Mercy Dee One Room Chicken Shack Speciality/Ace
454. Glenn, Lloyd Honky Tonk Train Night Train Int
455. Hawkins, Roy Why Do Everything Happen to Me Route 66 (Swe)*
456. McCracklin, Jimmy & Paul Gayten Roots of R&B Roots (Belg)

ii) Down-Home Texas Blues

457. Thomas, Jesse Comp Rec Works 1948-58 Blues Docs

iii) Guitar Legacy of T-Bone Walker

458. Crayton, Pee Wee Blues After Hours P-Vine (Jap)
459. Watson, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Complete RPM Recs P-Vine (Jap)
460. Various Artists Scratchin’ Charly
461. Walker, Phillip Bottom of the Top Hightone/Demon
462. Rhodes, Sonny & the Texas Twisters Just Blues Rhodes-Way
463. Heartsman, Johnny The Touch Alligator
464. Walker, Joe Louis Blue Soul Hightone/Demon
465. Hollywood Fats Rock This House Black Top

iv) The Peak of Duke-Peacock

466. Parker, Junior Juniors’ Blues: the Duke Recs Vol 1 MCA
467. Thornton, Big Mama Hound Dog: the Peacock Recs MCA
468. Various Artists Best of Duke-Peacock Blues MCA

v) California Cross-Section

469. Various Artists Swingtime Records Story Capricorn
470. Mayfield, Percy Poet of the Blues Speciality
471. Milton, Roy & His Solid Senders Speciality
472. Liggins, Joe & the Honeydrippers Speciality
473. Liggins, Jimmy & His Drops of Joy Speciality
474. Various Artists Oakland Blues Arhoolie*
475. Various Artists Mr. Fulbright’s Blues P-Vine (Jap)
476. Various Artists Blues from Dolphin’s of Hollywood Speciality/Ace
477. Smith, Little George Harmonica Ace Flair/Virgin/Ace
478. Various Artists All Night Long They Play the Blues Speciality/Ace
479. Taylor, Little Johnny The Galaxy Years Ace
480. Witherspoon, Jimmy Evenin’ Blues OBC

Part Thirteen: New Orleans, Louisiana & Zydeco

i) Classic New Orleans R&B

481. Various Artists Spirit of New Orleans: Genius of Dave Bartholomew EMI
482. Lewis, Smiley Best of… ‘Hear You Knocking’ Collectables
483. Domino, Fats Out of New Orleans Bear Family (8CD)
484. Domino, Fats Out of New Orleans Bear Family (8CD)
485. Professor Longhair Texas: Anthology Rhino

ii) Louisiana Swamp Blues & R&B

486. Harpo, Slim I’m a King Bee: the Early Swamp-Blues Classics Ace
487. Various Artists More Louisiana Swamp Blues Flyright

iii) Cajun & Zydeco

488. Abshire, Nathan & the Pine Grove Boys French Blues Arhoolie
489. Various Artists Zdydeco: the Early Years (1961-62) Arhoolie
490. Chenier, Clifton Bogalusa Boogie Arhoolie

Basic Records for Part Thirteen

i) New Orleans R&B & Mardi Gras

491. Various Artists Mercury New Orleans Sessions 1950 Bear Family*
492. Various Artists Creole Kings of New Orleans [Vol 1] Speciality/Ace
493. Various Artists Gumbo Stew: Original ‘AFO’ New Orleans R&B Ace
494. Price, Lloyd Lawdy! Speciality
495. Shirley & Lee Legendary Masters Vol 1 Collectables
496. Neville, Art Mardi Gras Rock ‘n’ Roll Ace
497. Guitar Slim Things That I Used to Do Ace
498. Eaglin, Snooks & V/A Country Boy Down in New Orleans Arhoolie
499. Dupree, Champion Jack Blues from the Gutter Atlantic
500. Toussaint, Allen Complete ‘Tousan’ Sessions Bear Family
501. Bo, Eddie Check Mr Popeye Rounder
502. Dorsey, Lee Soul Mine Charly
503. Dollis, Bo & the Wild Magnolias I’m Back at Carnival Time Rounder
504. Various Artists New Orleans Party Classics Rhino

ii) Louisiana Swamp Blues & R&B

505. Various Artists Bayou Blues Blasters Ace
506. Various Artists Authentic Excello R&B Ace
507. Various Artists Louisiana R ‘n’ B Flyright
508. Lightning Slim Rollin’ Stone Flyright
509. Lonesome Sundown I’m a Mojo Man Ace
510. Lazy Lester I’m a Lover Not a Fighter Ace
511. Webster, Katie Katie Webster Flyright
512. Hogan, Silas So Long Blues Ace
513. Cookie & the Cupcakes By Request Jin
514. Rockin’ Sidney My Toot Toot Ace

iii) Cajun & Zydeco

515. Le June, Iry Cajun’s Greatest: the Definitive… Ace
516. Ardoin, Amédé ‘I’m Never Coming Back’: Pioneer of Louisina French Blues – the Roots of Zydeco Arhoolie/Folklyric
517. Chenier, Clifton Zodico Blues & Boogie Speciality/Ace
518. Various Artists Zodico: Louisiana Créole Music Rounder (cass)
519. Various Artists Zydeco Blues Flyright
520. Various Artists Zydeco Party Ace
Part Fourteen: Modern Trends

i) Modern Blues: B.B. King, Bobby Bland, Little Milton, Albert King

521. King, B.B King of the Blues MCA (4CD)
522. Bland, Bobby Years of Tears Malaco
523. Little Milton Welcome to the Club: Essential Chess Recs MCA/Chess
524. King, Albert King of the Blues Guitar Atlantic

ii) Soul Blues: Ted Taylor, O.V. Wright, Z.Z. Hill

525. Taylor, Ted Steal Away Paula
526. Wright, O.V. Soul of… MCA
527. Hill, Z.Z Greatest Hits Malaco

iii) New Sounds: Clay Hammond, Willie Clayton, Walter Wolfman Washington

528. Hammond, Clay Streets Will Love You Evejim
529. Clayton, Willie Let’s Get Together Ace Records
530. Washington, Walter Wolfman Sada Pointblank

Basic Records for Part Fourteen

531. Scales, Harvey Blues is in the House Kash Gold
532. Lovejoy, Ronnie My Baby’s Cheating on Me Ace Records
533. Blake, Cicero Too Hip to be Happy Valley Vue
534. Johnson, Syl Is It Because I’m Black? Charly
535. Rush, Bobby A Man Can Give It But He Can’t Take It LaJam*
536. Davis, Geater Sad Shades of Blue Charly*
537. Taylor, Ted Taylor Made Paula
538. Little Joe Blue Southern Country Boy Jewel*
539. Ace, Buddy Don’t Hurt No More Evejim
540. Taylor, Johnnie Raw Blues/Little Bluebird Stax
541. LaSalle, Denise Love Me Right Malaco
542. Parker, Junior Like It Is Mercury*
543. Brown, Shirley Joy & Pain Malaco
544. Clay, Otis Watch Me Now Waylo (Neth)
545. Adams, Johnny Room With a View of the Blues Rounder
546. Latimore Sweet Vibrations: Best of… Sequel
547. Latimore Catching Up Malaco
548. Reed, Dalton Louisiana Soul Man Bullseye Blues
549. Taylor, Little Johnny Everybody Knows About My Good Thing Mojo*
550. White, Artie Blues Boy Different Shades of Blue Waldoxy
551. McCray, Larry Ambition Virgin/Pointblank
552. Watson, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Listen/I Don’t Want to be Alone, Stranger Ace
553. Peterson, Lucky Beyond Cool Verve
554. Johnson, Ernie It’s Party Time Paula
555. Tolbert, Jessie Raw Blues Tolbert*
556. James, Etta Stickin’ to My Guns Island
557. Cray, Robert Band Bad Influence Hightone/Mercury
558. Davis, Larry Funny Stuff Rooster Blues*
559. Griffin, R.L. It Don’t Have to be This Way Black Grape
560. Strother, Percy A Good Woman is Hard to Find Blue Moon

Contributors: Bruce Bastin, John Broven, Norm Cohen, John Crowley, David Evans, Paul Garon, Michael Haralambos, Mark Harris, Daphne Duval Harrison, Paul Oliver, Dave Penny, Mike Rowe, Dick Shurman.

Abbreviations (used in lists for countries of origin, where necessary)

Belg Belgium
Dan Denmark
Fr France
Ger Germany
Jap Japan
Neth Netherlands
Swe Sweden