Kaleidoscope Eyes:
Psychedelic Music from the 1960s to the 1990s

Jim Derogatis

First published in Great Britain in 1996 by Fourth Estate Limited.

“It started in the 1960s as an attempt to recreate in music the hallucinogenic experience of taking LSD; but more than just an aural acid trip, psychedelic music has evolved into a way of creating ‘the cinematic music of the imagination’. From the early experiments of the Beatles Revolver to the ambient meanderings of The Orb, from the hypnotic drone of The Velvet Underground to the disorienting swirl of the 90s guitar band My Bloody Valentine, psychedelic music is both cerebral and transcendent. Based on first hand interviews and research, focusing on cult heroes such as Brian Eno and Julian Cope as much as rock legends like The Beach Boys & Pink Floyd, Kaleidoscope Eyes is authoritative, provocative & totally original.”

A Select Psychedelic Rock Discography

“In listing releases, critical judgement has been applied for artists who have worked in a variety of styles, and only those albums that can be considered psychedelic rock or those that included important psychedelic rock songs have been listed. In other cases, including many of the more obscure or less significant artists, only their most noteworthy efforts are included: in other words, the ones that are listed are the ones worth buying. Those CDs not available as the book was published are marked ‘*’, however, since albums are being reissued and deleted all the time, please check with a specialist retailer.” (This relates to 1996, when the book was first published, obviously the information will often be out of date. The same applies to ‘2 on 1’ issues: some of these are now no longer available in this format and have been reissued separately, or even deleted completely).

Alphabetical order by artist and then chronologically by album; all listings are of albums unless indicated to the contrary. I’ve tended to note when an album is a compilation or box set, unless it’s obvious from the title, ie: Best Of; Essential, etc.

o Absolute Grey – Green House*
o Absolute Grey – What Remains*
o AFX (aka Aphex Twin) – Analogue Bubblebath (EP)
o Amboy Dukes – Journey to the Center of the Mind
o Amon Düül I – Airs on a Shoe String: Best of
o Amon Düül II – Phallus Dei
o Amon Düül II – Yeti
o Amon Düül II – Dance of the Lemmings
o Amon Düül II – Wolf City
o Amon Düül II – Carnival in Babylon
o Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92
o Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works Vol II
o Aphex Twin – Classics
o Aphex Twin – I Care Because You Do
o A.R. Kane – Sixty Nine
o A.R. Kane – ‘i’
o Arrested Development – 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life of…
o Arrested Development – Zingalamduni
o Ash Ra Tempel – Ash Ra Tempel
o Ash Ra Tempel – Schwingungen
o Ash Ra Tempel (with Timothy Leary) – Seven Up
o Ayers, Kevin – Joy of a Toy
o Bangles – Bangles (EP) (1982)*
o Bangles – All Over the Place
o Barracudas – Drop Out with the…
o Barrett, Syd – The Madcap Laughs
o Barrett, Syd - Barrett
o Barrett, Syd – Peel Sessions (EP)
o Barrett, Syd – Opel (compilation with unreleased)
o Barrett, Syd – Crazy Diamond (box set)
o Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
o Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (box set)
o Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique
o Beatles – Rubber Soul
o Beatles – Revolver
o Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
o Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour
o Beatles – Beatles (White Album)
o Beatles – Yellow Submarine (soundtrack)
o Beatles – Abbey Road
o Beaver & Krause – In a Wild Sanctuary/Gandharva (2 on 1)
o Bedhead – What Fun Life Was
o Bell, Chris – I Am the Cosmos
o Bevis Frond – Triptych
o Bevis Frond – Auntie Winnie Album
o Big Star - # 1 Record/Radio City (2 on 1)
o Big Star – Third (aka Sister Lovers)
o Black Sabbath – We Sold Our Souls for Rock ‘n’ Roll (compilation)
o Blue Cheer – Louder Than God: Best of
o Blue Öyster Cult – Workshop of the Telescopes (compilation)
o Blur – Leisure
o Blur – Modern Life is Rubbish
o Blur – Parklife
o Blur – Great Escape
o Bongwater – Double Bummer + (box set)
o Boo Radleys – Everything’s Alright Forever
o Boo Radleys – Giant Steps
o Boo Radleys – Wake Up!
o Bowie, David – Low
o Bowie, David – Heroes
o Bowie, David – Lodger
o Buffalo Springfield – Retrospective: Best of
o Butthole Surfers – Psychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sac/Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis (2 on 1)
o Butthole Surfers – Rembrandt Pussyhorse
o Butthole Surfers – Locust Abortion Technician
o Butthole Surfers – Hairway to Steven
o Butthole Surfers – Piouhgd
o Butthole Surfers – Independent Worm Salon
o Butthole Surfers – Hole Truth & Nothing Butt!
o Butthole Surfers – Electric Larryland
o Byrds – Fifth Dimension
o Byrds – Younger Than Yesterday
o Byrds – Byrds (box set)
o Byrne, David & Brian Eno – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
o Cale, John – Paris 1919
o Cale, John – Fear
o Cale, John – Slow Dazzle
o Cale, John – Helen of Troy
o Cale, John – Fragments of a Rainy Season
o Cale, John – Seducing Down the Door: A Collection 1970-90
o Calvert, Robert – Captain Lockheed & the Starfighters
o Calvert, Robert – Lucky Lief & the Longships
o Can – Monster Movie
o Can – Tago Mago
o Can – Ege Bamyasi
o Can – Future Days
o Can – Soon Over Babaluma
o Can – Incandescence 1969-1977
o Captain Beefheart – Safe as Milk
o Captain Beefheart – Mirror Man
o Captain Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica
o Captain Beefheart – Lick My Decals Off, Baby
o Captain Beefheart – Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot (2 on 1)
o Captain Beefheart – Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
o Captain Beefheart – Doc at the Radar Station
o Captain Beefheart – Ice Cream for Crow
o Cardinal – Cardinal
o Chambers Brothers – Goin’ Uptown
o Charlatans (UK) – Some Friendly
o Charlatans (UK) – Between 10th & 11th
o Charlatans (UK) – Up to Our Hips
o Charlatans (UK) – Charlatans (1995)
o Chills – Kaleidoscope World
o Chills – Brave World
o Chocolate Watchband – Rev-enge*
o Chud – Silhouettes of Sound*
o Clinton, George – Hey Man… Smell My Finger
o Cluster - & Eno
o Cocteau Twins – Head Over Heels
o Cocteau Twins – Treasure
o Cocteau Twins – Victorialand
o Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll
o Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas
o Cocteau Twins – Four Calender Café
o Cocteau Twins – Milk & Kisses
o Coil – Love’s Secret Domain
o Collins, Bootsy – Back in the Day: Best of
o Cope, Julian – World Shut Your Mouth
o Cope, Julian - Fried
o Cope, Julian – Saint Julian
o Cope, Julian – My Nation Underground
o Cope, Julian – Peggy Suicide
o Cope, Julian - Jehovahkill
o Cope, Julian - Autogeddon
o Cope, Julian – Queen Elizabeth
o Cope, Julian – 20 Mothers
o Count Five – Psychotic Reaction
o Cracker – Kerosene Hat
o Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Crazy World of Arthur Brown
o Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Strangelands
o Creation – How Does it Feel to Feel?
o Creation – Lay the Ghost
o Cul de Sac – I Don’t Want to Go to Bed
o Cul de Sac – China Gate
o Culture Club – At Worst: Best of Boy George &…
o Cypress Hill – Black Sunday
o Damon & Naomi – More Sad Hits
o Damon & Naomi – Wondrous World of…
o Darkside – All That Noise
o Das Damen – Jupiter Eye
o Das Damen – Triskaidekaphobe
o Das Damen – Marshmellow Conspiracy (EP)
o Davies, Richard – There’s Never Been a Crowd Like This
o Deee-Lite – World Clique
o De La Soul – 3 Feet High & Rising
o De La Soul – is Dead
o De La Soul – Buhlōōne Mind State
o Digable Planets – Reachin’ (a New Refutation of Time & Space)
o Digable Planets – Blowout
o Digital Underground – Sex Packets
o Dinosaur Jr – You’re Living All Over Me
o Dinosaur Jr – Bug
o Divine Styler – Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light
o Dome – 1. 2.
o Dome – 3. 4.
o Donovan – Troubadour: Definitive Collection, 1964-76
o Drake, Nick – Fruit Tree: Complete Works of… (box set)
o Dream Academy – Dream Academy
o Dream Academy – Remembrance Days*
o Dream Academy – A Different Kind of Weather
o Dream Syndicate – Days of Wine & Roses*
o Dukes of Stratosphear – Chips from the Chocolate Fireball
o Dumptruck – D is for…*
o Dumptruck – Positively…*
o Durutti Column – First Four Albums (box set)*
o Echo & the Bunnymen – Crocodiles
o Elektric Music – Esperanto
o Eno, Brian – Here Come the Warm Jets
o Eno, Brian – Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)
o Eno, Brian – Another Green World
o Eno, Brian – Discreet Music
o Eno, Brian – Before & After Science
o Eno, Brian – Music for Films
o Eno, Brian – Music for Airports
o Eno, Brian – On Land
o Eno, Brian – Thursday Afternoon
o Eno, Brian – Nerve Net
o Eno, Brian – Shutov Assembly
o Eno, Moebius, Roedelius – After the Heat
o Erickson, Roky – & the Aliens*
o Erickson, Roky – Don’t Slander Me*
o Erickson, Roky – You’re Gonna Miss Me: Best of
o Erickson, Roky – All That May Do My Rhyme
o Eugenius – Oomalama*
o Eugenius – Mary Queen of Scots
o Experimental Audio Research – Mesmerised
o Experimental Audio Research – Beyond the Pale
o Fairport Convention – Heyday: BBC Radio Sessions 1968-69
o Faith Healers, th’ – Lido
o Faith Healers, th’ – Imaginary Friend
o Faust – Faust (1971)
o Faust – So Far
o Faust – Tapes
o Faust – IV
o Feelies – Crazy Rhythms
o Feelies – Good Earth
o Feelies – Only Life
o Feelies – Time for a Witness
o Flaming Lips – Hear It Is
o Flaming Lips – Oh My Gawd!!!...
o Flaming Lips – Telepathic Surgery
o Flaming Lips – In a Priest Driven Ambulance
o Flaming Lips – Hit to Death in the Future Head
o Flaming Lips – Transmissions from the Satellite Heart
o Flaming Lips – Clouds Taste Metallic
o Flying Saucer Attack – Flying Saucer Attack
o Flying Saucer Attack - Distance
o Flying Saucer Attack - Chorus
o Frankovic, John – Under the Water Lilly*
o Fripp, Robert & Brian Eno – Essential
o Funkadelic – Funkadelic (1970)
o Funkadelic – Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow
o Funkadelic – Maggot Brain
o Funkadelic – America Eats It’s Young
o Funkadelic – Cosmic Slop
o Funkadelic – Standing on the Verge of Getting It On
o Funkadelic – Tales of Kidd Funkadelic
o Funkadelic – Hardcore Jollies
o Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove
o Funkadelic – Uncle Jam Wants You
o Funkadelic – Electric Spanking of War Babies
o Fuzztones – Lysergic Emanations
o Gabriel, Peter – I
o Gabriel, Peter – 2
o Gabriel, Peter – 3
o Gabriel, Peter – 4 (Security)
o Galaxie 500 – Today
o Galaxie 500 – On Fire
o Galaxie 500 – This is Our Music
o Game Theory – Big Shot
o Geesin, Ron – A Raise of Eyebrows/As He Stands (2 on 1)
o Genesis – Trepass
o Genesis – Nursery Cryme
o Genesis - Foxtrot
o Genesis – Live (1973)
o Genesis – Selling England by the Pound
o Genesis – Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
o Gilmour, David – David Gilmour (1978)
o Grateful Dead – Grateful Dead (1967)
o Grateful Dead – Anthem of the Sun
o Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa
o Grateful Dead – Live/Dead
o Harmonia – Music Von Harmonia
o Harmonia – Deluxe
o Harmony Rockets – Paralyzed Mind of the Archangel Void
o Harrison, George – Wonderwall Music
o Hawkwind – In Search of Space
o Hawkwind – Doremi Fasol Latido
o Hawkwind – Space Ritual (Live)
o Hawkwind – Hall of the Mountain Grill
o Hawkwind – Warrior on the Edge of Time
o Hawkwind – 25 Years On 1973-1977 (box set)
o Hendrix, Jimi – Are You Experienced?
o Hendrix, Jimi – Axis: Bold as Love
o Hendrix, Jimi – Electric Ladyland
o Hendrix, Jimi – Band of Gypsys
o His Name is Alive – Livonia
o Hitchcock, Robyn – I Often Dream of Trains
o Hitchcock, Robyn – Black Snake Diamond Röle
o Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptians – Fegmania!
o Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptians – Element of Light
o Hitchcock, Robyn – Invisible Hitchcock
o Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptians – Globe of Frogs
o Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptians – Queen Elvis*
o Hitchcock, Robyn - Eye
o Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptians – Perspex Island
o Hitchcock, Robyn & the Egyptians - Respect
o Hitchcock, Robyn – You & Oblivion
o Hoodoo Gurus – Stoneage Romeos
o Hugo Largo – Drum
o Hugo Largo – Mettle
o Hüsker Dü – Metal Circus
o Hüsker Dü – Zen Arcade
o Hüsker Dü – New Day Rising
o Hüsker Dü – Flip Your Wig
o Hüsker Dü – Candy Apple Grey
o Hüsker Dü – Warehouse: Songs & Stories
o Hüsker Dü – Everything Falls Apart & More
o Hypstrz – Hypstrization!
o Incredible String Band – Incredible String Band (1966)
o Incredible String Band – 5000 Spirits or Layers of the Onion
o Incredible String Band – Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter
o Incredible String Band – Wee Tam & the Big Huge
o Irresistible Force – Dream Fish
o Irresistible Force/Various Artists – Chill Out or Die! Volume 1
o Irresistible Force – Flying High
o Jefferson Airplane – Loves You (box set of mainly live & unreleased material)
o Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy
o Jesus & Mary Chain - Darklands
o Jesus & Mary Chain – Barbed Wire Kisses
o Jesus & Mary Chain – Stoned & Dethroned
o Jesus & Mary Chain – Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll
o Joplin, Janis – 18 Essential Songs
o Jungle Brothers – Straight Out the Jungle
o Kaleidoscope (US) – Egyptian Candy (A Collection)
o Katrina & the Waves – Shock Horror!*
o Katrina & the Waves – Katrina & the Waves (1985)
o King Crimson – In the Court of the Crimson King
o King Crimson – Concise (compilation)
o Kinks – Are the Village Green Preservation Society
o Kraftwerk – Kraftwerk (1972)
o Kraftwerk - 2
o Kraftwerk – Ralf & Florien
o Kraftwerk - Autobahn
o Kraftwerk – Radio Activity
o Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express
o Kraftwerk – Man Machine
o Kraftwerk – Computer World
o Kraftwerk – Electric Café
o La Düsseldorf - La Düsseldorf*
o LaBradford – A Stable Reference Point
o LaBradford – Prazision LP
o Laika – Silver Apples of the Moon
o Laughner, Peter – Take the Guitar Player for a Ride
o Led Zeppelin - I
o Led Zeppelin – IV (Untitled)
o Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy
o Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti
o Lime Spiders – Cave Comes Alive!*
o Long Ryders – 10-5-60/Native Sons (2 on 1)
o Loop – Heaven’s End
o Loop – World in Your Eyes
o Loop – Fade Out
o Loop – A Gilded Eternity
o Lothar & the Hand People – Presenting…
o Love – Love (1966)
o Love – Da Capo
o Love – Forever Changes
o Love – Story: 1966-1972
o Low – I Could Live in Hope
o Low – Long Division
o Luna – Lunapark
o Luna – Bewitched
o Luna – Penthouse
o Lush – Gala
o Lush – Split
o Lush – Lovelife
o Magic Hour – No Excess is Absurd
o Magic Hour – Will They Turn You On or Will They Turn On You
o Manzanera, Phil – Collection
o Marshmallow Overcoat – 1986-1990*
o Mason, Nick – Fictitious Sports
o Massive Attack – Blue Lines
o Massive Attack – Protection
o Master Musicians of Joujouka – Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka
o Matching Mole – Matching Mole (1972)
o Matching Mole – Little Red Record
o Matthews, Eric – It’s Heavy in Here
o MC5 – Kick Out the Jams
o MC5 – Back in the USA
o MC5 – High Time
o Meat Puppets – Up on the Sun
o Meat Puppets – Mirage
o Meat Puppets – Huevos
o Mercury Rev – Yerself is Steam
o Mercury Rev – Boces
o Mercury Rev – See You on the Other Side
o Mighty Mofos – Sho’ Hard!*
o Miracle Workers – Inside Out
o Miracle Workers – Primary Domain
o Miracle Workers – Moxie’s Revenge*
o Mission of Burma – Mission of Burma* (complete works)
o Moby – Go Remixes*
o Moby – Moby (1992)
o Moby – Move (EP)
o Moby – Early Underground
o Moby – Everything is Wrong
o Moby Grape – Vintage: Very Best of…
o Mod Fun – Dorothy’s Dream*
o Mod Fun – Past Forward*
o Moles – Untune the Sky*
o Moles – Instinct
o Monkees – Greatest Hits (Rhino, 1995)
o Moody Blues – In Search of the Lost Chord
o Moonshake – Eva Luna
o Moonshake – Big Good Angel
o Moonshake – Sound Your Eyes Can Follow
o Move – Early Years
o My Bloody Valentine – Ecstasy & Strawberry Wine*
o My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything
o My Bloody Valentine – Glider (EP)
o My Bloody Valentine – Tremolo (EP)
o My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
o Neu! – Neu! (I) (1972)
o Neu! – Neu! (II) (1973)
o Neu! – Neu! (III) (1975)
o Newman, Colin – A-Z
o Newman, Colin – Provisionally Entitled the Singing Fish/No To (2 on 1)
o Newman, Colin – Commercial Suicide*
o Newman, Colin – It Seems*
o Nico – Chelsea Girl
o Nico – Marble Index
o Nico – Desert Shore
o Nomads – Outburst*
o Oasis – Definitely Maybe
o Oasis – (What’s the Story) Morning Glory
o Oldfield, Mike – Tubular Bells
o Oldfield, Mike – Hergest Ridege
o Oldfield, Mike - Ommadawn
o Oldfield, Mike – Exposed (live) (1979)
o Oldfield, Mike – Elements (box set)
o Ono, Yoko – Onobox (box set)
o Opal – Happy Nightmare Baby
o Orb – Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
o Orb – Peel Sessions (EP)
o Orb – U.F.Orb
o Orb – Live 93
o Orb – Pomme Fritz
o Orb – Orbus Terrarum
o Orbital – I (Green Album)
o Orbital – II (Brown Album)
o Orbital – Snivilisation
o Organisation – Tone Float
o Parliament – Up for the Down Stroke
o Parliament – Chocolate City
o Parliament – Mothership Connection
o Parliament – Clones of Dr Funkenstein
o Parliament – Funkentelechy vs the Placebo Syndrome
o Parliament – Motor Booty Affair
o Parliament – Gloryhallastoopid, or Pin the Tail on the Funky
o Parliament - Trombipulation
o Peanut Butter Conspiracy – The Great…
o Pere Ubu – Modern Dance/Dub Housing, etc (box set)
o Pere Ubu – Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection (1985 compilation)*
o Pere Ubu – Tenement Year*
o Pere Ubu – Cloudland
o Pere Ubu – Story of My Life
o Pere Ubu – Raygun Suitcase
o Perry, Lee ‘Scratch’ – Upsetter Compact Set (compilation, 1988)
o Pink Floyd – Piper at the Gates of Dawn
o Pink Floyd – A Saucerful of Secrets
o Pink Floyd – Ummagumma
o Pink Floyd – More
o Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother
o Pink Floyd – Meddle
o Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
o Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
o Pink Floyd – Animals
o Pink Floyd – The Wall
o Pink Floyd – Shine On (box set)
o Plan 9 – Dealing with the Dead*
o Plasticland – Plasticland*
o Plasticland – Wonder Wonderful Wonderland*
o Plasticland – Salon*
o Plasticland – Dapper Snappings
o Plastikman – Sheet One
o Plastikman – Musik
o PM Dawn – Of the Heart, of the Soul & of the Cross: Utopian Experience
o PM Dawn – Bliss Album… ? (Vibrations of Love & Anger & the Ponderance of Life & Existence)
o PM Dawn – Jesus Wept
o Polara – Polara
o Polygon Window (aka Aphex Twin) – Surfing on the Sine Waves
o Popol Vuh – Affenstunde
o Popol Vuh – Aguirre/In den Gärten Pharaos (2 on 1)
o Popol Vuh – Best of… from the Films of Werner Herzog
o Porno for Pyros - Porno for Pyros
o Porno for Pyros – Good Gods-Urge
o Portishead – Dummy
o Pram – Stars are so Big, the Earth is so Small
o Pram – Helium
o Pram – Sargasso
o Pretty Things – Emotions
o Pretty Things – S.F. Sorrow
o Pretty Things – Parachute
o Prince – Purple Rain
o Prince – Around the World in a Day
o Prisoners – Revenge of the… *
o Procol Harum – Collection (Castle, 1990)
o Psychedelic Furs - Psychedelic Furs (1980)
o Psychedelic Furs – Talk Talk Talk
o Psychedelic Furs – Forever Now
o Quicksilver Messenger Service – Sons of Mercury: 1968-1975 (Rhino, 1991)
o Rain Parade – Emergency Third Rail Power Trip/Explosions in the Glass Palace (2 on 1)
o Rain Parade – Crashing Dream*
o Ramones – Acid Eaters
o Red Crayola – Parable of Arable Land
o Red Crayola – God Bless the… & All Who Sail on Her
o Red Red Meat – Jimmywine Majestic
o Red Red Meat – Bunny Gets Paid
o Reed, Lou – Berlin
o Reed, Lou – Metal Machine Music
o Reed, Lou – Blue Mask
o R.E.M. – Chronic Town (EP) (cassette only)
o R.E.M. – Murmur
o R.E.M. – Fables of the Reconstruction
o Rew, Kimberley – Bible of Pop
o Ride – Nowhere
o Ride – Smile
o Ride – Going Blank Again
o Ride – Carnival of Light
o Ride – Tarantula
o Roland, Paul – Danse Macabre
o Rolling Stones - Aftermath
o Rolling Stones – Between the Buttons
o Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request
o Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street
o Rolling Stones – Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (compilation)
o Rolling Stones – More Hot Rocks: Big Hits & Fazed Cookies (compilation)
o Rother, Michael – Flammende Herzen
o Rother, Michael – Fernwarme
o Roxy Music – Roxy Music (1972)
o Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure
o Roxy Music – Stranded
o Roxy Music – Country Life
o Roxy Music – Siren
o Rundgren, Todd – Something/Anything?
o Rundgren, Todd – A Wizard, a True Star
o Rundgren, Todd – Hermit of Mink Hollow
o Sabalon Glitz – Ufonic
o Salvation Army – Before Three O’Clock*
o Santana – Dance of the Rainbow Serpent (box set)
o Schulze, Klaus – Essential ’72-’93
o Seeds – Seeds (1966)
o Seeds – Web of Sound
o See Feel – Quique
o Shamen – What’s Going Down (EP)*
o Shamen – In Gorbachev We Trust
o Shamen – En Tact
o Shamen – Boss Drum
o Silver Apples – Silver Apples/Contact (2 on 1)
o Slipstream – Slipstream
o Slowdive – Just for a Day
o Slowdive – Souvlaki
o Sly & the Family Stone – Anthology
o Sly & the Family Stone – There’s a Riot Goin’ On
o Small Faces – Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake
o Small Faces – Immediate Years (box set)
o Smith, Kendra – Five Ways of Disappearing
o Soft Boys – A Can of Bees
o Soft Boys – Underwater Moonlight
o Soft Boys – Invisible Hits
o Soft Boys – 1976-1991
o Soft Machine – Volumes One & Two (2 on 1)
o Sonic Youth – Bad Moon Rising
o Sonic Youth - EVOL
o Sonic Youth - Sister
o Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation
o Soundgarden – Superunknown
o Sound Patrol – Sweetened… No Lemon
o Spacemen 3 – Sound of Confusion
o Spacemen 3 – Perfect Perscription
o Spacemen 3 – Performance
o Spacemen 3 – Playing with Fire
o Spacemen 3 – Recurring
o Spacemen 3 – Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to
o Space Time Continuum – Sea Biscuit
o Space Time Continuum – Alien Dreamtime
o Space Time Continuum – Emit Ecaps
o Spectrum – Spectrum (1990)*
o Spectrum – Soul Kiss
o Speed the Plough – Speed the Plough (1989)
o Speed the Plough – Wonder Wheel
o Speed the Plough – Mason’s Box
o Speed the Plough – Marina
o Spence, Alexander ‘Skip’ – Oar
o Spiritualized – Lazer Guided Melodies
o Spiritualized – Pure Phase
o Stereolab – Peng!
o Stereolab – Switched On…
o Stereolab – Groop Played Space Age Batchelor Pad Muisc
o Stereolab – Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements
o Stereolab – Mars Audiac Quintet
o Stereolab – Refried Ectoplasm
o Stereolab – Emperor Tomato Ketchup
o Stooges – Stooges (1969)
o Stooges – Fun House
o Summer, Donna – Anthology
o Sun Ra – Heliocentric Worlds of… Vol I
o Sun Ra – Heliocentric Worlds of… Vol II
o Symbols & Instruments – Mood (EP)*
o Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings & Food
o Talking Heads – Fear of Music
o Talking Heads – Remain in Light
o Talk Talk – Spirit in Eden
o Talk Talk – Natural History: Very Best of
o Tangerine Dream – Electronic Meditation
o Tangerine Dream – Alpha Centauri
o Tangerine Dream - Atem
o Tangerine Dream – Zeit
o Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro
o Teardrop Explodes - Wilder
o Teardrop Explodes – Everybody Wants to Shag the…
o Teenage Fanclub – A Catholic Education
o Teenage Fanclub – The King
o Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque
o Television – Marquee Moon
o Television Personalities - … And Don’t the Kids Just Love It
o Television Personalities – Painted World
o Television Personalities – Yes Darling, But Is It Art? (Early Singles & Rarities)
o Temptations – Cloud Nine
o Temptations – Puzzle People
o Temptations – Psychedelic Shack
o Thin White Rope – Exploring the Axis
o Thin White Rope – Moonhead
o 13th Floor Elevators – Psychedelic Sounds of the…
o 13th Floor Elevators – Live (1968)
o 13th Floor Elevators – Easter Everywhere
o 13th Floor Elevators – Bull of the Woods
o Three O’Clock – Sixteen Tambourines/Baroque Hoedown (2 on 1)
o Three O’Clock – Arrive Without Travelling*
o Tiny Lights – Hot Chocolate Massage*
o Tiny Lights – Hazel’s Wreath*
o Tiny Lights – Prayer for the Halcyon Fear*
o Tiny Lights – Stop the Sun I Want to Go Home
o Tiny Lights – Milky Juice
o Tiny Lights – Young Person’s Guide to…
o Tomorrow – Tomorrow (1968)
o Tricky – Maxinquaye
o Tribe Called Quest, a – People’s Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm
o Tribe Called Quest, a – Low End Theory
o Troggs – Archaeology (1967-1977)
o Trypes – Explorers Hold (EP)*
o Turner, Nik – Space Ritual 1994 Live
o 27 Various – Hi*
o 27 Various – Yes, Indeed*
o 27 Various – Approximately Clean
o 27 Various – Up
o 27 Various – Fine
o Ultramarine – Every Man & Woman is a Star*
o Ultramarine – United Kingdom
o Ultra Vivid Scene - Ultra Vivid Scene (1988)
o Ultra Vivid Scene – Joy 1967-1990
o United States of America - United States of America* (1968)
o U2 – Achtung Baby
o U2 – Zooropa
o Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch of 10
o Velvet Crush – In the Presence of Greatness
o Velvet Crush – Teenage Symphonies to God
o Velvet Monkeys – Future*
o Velvet Monkeys – Rotting Corpse au Go Go
o Velvet Underground - & Nico
o Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat
o Velvet Underground – Velvet Underground (1969)
o Velvet Underground - Loaded
o Velvet Underground – V.U.
o Velvet Underground – Another View
o Vipers – Outta the Nest*
o Viva Saturn – Viva Saturn* (1990)
o Viva Saturn – Brightside
o Wake Ooloo – Hear No Evil
o Wake Ooloo – What About It
o Ween – God Ween Saten: The Oneness
o Ween – The Pod
o Who – Sell Out
o Wild Carnation – Tricycle
o Wire – Pink Flag
o Wire – Chairs Missing
o Wire – 154
o Wire – Behind the Curtain
o Wonder, Stevie – Music of My Mind
o Wonder, Stevie – Talking Book
o Wonder, Stevie - Innvervisions
o Wonder, Stevie – Songs in the Key of Life
o Wright, Rick – Wet Dream
o Wyatt, Robert – Rock Bottom
o Wyatt, Robert – Ruth is Stranger Than Richard
o XTC – Drums & Wires
o XTC – Black Sea
o XTC – English Settlement
o XTC – Mummer
o XTC – Big Express
o XTC – Skylarking
o XTC – Oranges & Lemons
o XTC – Nonsuch
o Yardbirds – Over Under Sidways Down*
o Yardbirds – Vol 2: Blues, Backtracks & Shapes of Things
o Yard Trauma – Must’ve Been Something I Took Last Night*
o Yellow Sunshine Explosion - Yellow Sunshine Explosion* (1987)
o Yo La Tengo – New Wave Hot Dogs/President… (2 on 1)
o Yo La Tengo – May I Sing with Me
o Yo La Tengo – Painful
o Yo La Tengo – Electro-O-Pura
o Young, Neil – Decade
o Yum Yum – Dan Loves Patti
o Yung Wu – Shore Leave*
o Zappa, Frank & the Mothers of Invention – Freak Out!
o Zappa, Frank & the Mothers of Invention – Absolutely Free
o Zappa, Frank & the Mothers of Invention – We’re Only In It for the Money
o Zombies – Odessey & Oracle
Various Artists

(with original year of issue & label where necessary)

o Battle of the Garages 1 & 2 (1981/2)
o Best of Techno Vols 1-3 (Profile, 1993)*
o California Dreaming (Internal, 1993)
o Ethnotechno (1994)
o Excursions in Ambience (1993)
o Excursions in Ambience: Second Orbit (1993)
o Excursions in Ambience: Third Dimension (1994)
o Excursions in Ambience: Fourth Frontier (1995)
o Garage Sale (ROIR, 1983)* (cassette only)
o Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 (1972)*
o Rainy Day* (Rough Trade, 1989)
o Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye: Tribute to Roky Erickson (1991)
o Whore: Various Artists Play Wire (1996)

One-Hit Wonders

List as part of the chapter on ‘Bad Trips & One-Hit Wonders’. The original album the song is taken from is given in brackets. Roughly chronological order.

“One way to hone in on the genre’s distinctive elements is to look at what was borrowed by bands that weren’t psychedelic rock but which waded into the genre pool. What follows is a baker’s dozen of my favorite ‘one-hit wonders’.”

1. Monkees – Porpoise Song (Head)
2. Who – Armenia City in the Sky (Sell Out)
3. Kinks – Wicked Annabella (… Are the Village Green Preservation Society)
4. Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf (Master of Reality)
5. Led Zeppelin – Kashmir (Physical Graffiti)
6. Young, Neil – Cortez the Killer (Zuma)
7. Summer, Donna – I Feel Love (I Remember Yesterday)
8. Culture Club – Karma Chameleon (Colour by Numbers)
9. Prince – Pop Life (Around the World in a Day)
10. R.E.M. – Feeling Gravity’s Pull (Fables of the Reconstruction)
11. Petty, Tom – Don’t Come Around Here No More (Southern Accents)
12. Cracker – Low (Kerosene Hat)
13. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun (Superunknown)